Minecraft Dungeons: All Unique Gear, Weapons, Armor


In Minecraft Dungeons, the Unique gear, weapons, and armor are the rarest items in the game and can be acquired randomly from defeating enemies or opening treasure chests. There is a lot to gather and find if you are aiming to have a complete set, so we have actually noted every piece of unique gear, armor, and weapon we have actually had the ability to find up until now in Minecraft Dungeons.

Minecraft Dungeons– All Unique Weapons

There are a number of unique weapons in Minecraft Dungeons, from acquiesce swords and maces. All of the unique weapons are as follows:

Bonebow (Bow)

The Bonebow is the pride of Pumpkin Pastures, crafted within the walls of their simple town.

Perks: Arrows Grow In Size

Butterfly Crossbow (Bow)

This crossbow moves faster than wings in flight and strikes down enemies before they see the bolt.

Perks: High Firerate, Shoots 2 Enemies Simultaneously

Dark Katana (Sword)

A blade that will not rest up until the battle has actually been used.

Perks: Bonus Damage To Undead

Diamond Pickaxe (Pickaxe)

Diamond is one of the most long lasting materials, making it an outstanding option for a pickaxe.

Perks: Discovers More Emeralds

Diamond Sword (Sword)

The Diamond Sword is the true mark of a hero and an accomplished traveler.

Perks: Bonus Damage

Elite Power Bow (Bow)

The secrets of the Elite Power Bow’s building and construction have actually been lost without a trace.

Perks: Strong Charged Attacks, Greater Damage

Fangs Of Frost (Dagger)

These admired twin daggers of the northern mountains are understood to freeze their enemies to strong ice.

Perks: Slows Mobs, Dual Wield

Feral Soul Crossbow (Bow)

If you listen carefully you can hear the souls inside the crossbow, typically mocking you.

Perks: Souls Critical Boost, +2 Soul Event

Firebrand (Axe)

Crafted in the blackest depths of the intense create and captivated with intense powers.

Perks: Burns Mobs, Spin Attack Move

Flail (Mace)

This ancient weapon causes serious blunt damage to those who can not avert the deadly metal ball.

Perks: Binds And Chains Enemies

Frost Scythe (Scythe)

The Frost Scythe is an unbreakable blade that is freezing to the touch and never ever appears to melt.

Perks: Slows Mobs, +2 Soul Event

Tomb Bane (Glaive)

A relic from ages of darkness; this glaive radiates powerful wonderful energy to ward off the undead.

Perks: Bonus Damage To Undead, Longer Melee Reach

Guardian Bow (Bow)

Created from fossilized coral, the Guardian Bow is a residue from sunken civilizations of lost ages.

Bonus: Strong Charged Attacks, Super Charged Arrows

Hammer of Gravity (Hammer)

A hammer, ingrained with a crystal that utilizes the power of gravity, that is exceptionally powerful.

Perks: Pulls In Enemies, Great Splash

Hawkbrand (Sword)

The Hawkbrand is the famous sword of tested warriors.

Perks: Boosts Critical Hit Chance

Highland Axe (Axe)

Skillfully crafted and a polished weapon of war., the Highland Axe also makes a bold backscratcher.

Perks: Stuns Mobs, Spin Attack Move

Hunter’s Pledge (Bow)

This captivated bow deepens the bond in between the hunter and their relied on animal buddy.

Perks: Animals Attack Targeted Mobs, Chance To Restore Arrows

Mechanical Shortbow (Bow)

A brand name new development in fast firing technology, this bow loads a speedy punch.

Perks: Accelerated Fire Rate

Nightmare’s Bit (Sickle)

The twin blades of Nightmare’s Bite leaks with deadly venom, still powerful after all these years.

Perks: Spawns Poison Clouds, Dual Wield

Purple Storm (Bow)

Called the Purple Storm after its charming shade, this famous bow loads a powerful punch.

Perks: Increased Fire Rate

Red Snake (Bow)

The Red Snake radiates a dynamite heat, making it a deadly fire risk in the dry, desert lands.

Perks: Strong Charged Attacks, Chance For Arrows To Take Off

The Green Menace (Bow)

The arrows fired from the Green Menace constantly hit their planned target, even in the thickest fog.

Perks: Spawns Poison Clouds, Strikes Several Targets

The Ultimate Victory (Sickle)

Unusual, distorted laughter appears to whisper from these enormous looking sickles.

Perks: Mobs Drop More Emeralds, Dual Wield

The Pink Rascal (Bow)

It would be a deadly mistake to ignore the power of the Pink Rascal.

Perks: Chance To Infuriate Mobs, Strikes Several Targets

Twin Bow (Bow)

The Twin Bow is the champ of the hero who discovers themselves surpassed and alone.

Perks: Shoots 2 Enemies Simultaneously

Minecraft Dungeons– All Unique Armor

Ash Bathrobe

The Ash Bathrobe was created by Illager Evokers to differentiate themselves from the common guard.

Perks: Burns Close-by Enemies, -25% Artifact Cooldown, +15% Movespeed Aura

Fox Armor

Ancient Villager people created this armor to honor the fox who is a great and nimble warrior.

Perks: 30% Chance To Negate Hits, +20% Weapon Damage Boost Aura, Health Potions Heal Close-by Allies

Highland Armor

A smart armorer made this armor with care.

Perks: Gains Speed After Dodge, 35% Damage Decrease, +35% Melee Damage

Wither Armor

Wither Armor, crafted with the parts of killed enemies, was made to horrify the user’s enemies.

Perks: 35% Damage Decrease, +100 Souls Collected, 3% Life Steal Aura

Minecraft Dungeons releases for PS4 on May 26.

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