What are Shiftry’s best movesets and stats in Pokémon Go?

Shiftry is the final evolved type of Seedot, and in Pokémon Go, it’s a good option for those seeking to have an appropriate pick in the Ultra League. Shiftry won’ t outright win battles solitarily, however it definitely assists round out a specific roster, specifically if you face off against Psychic-type Pokémon.

Shiftry is a Lawn and Dark-typePokémon It has a max CP of 2,333, an attack of 200, a defense of 121, and stamina of207 Since of Shiftry’s lower defense worth, you want to lean more towards it being an assaulting and aggressivePokémon You do not want it to be the first Pokémon you throw out against an opponent unless you’re positive about changing it out rapidly if it goes against a Bug, Fighting, Ice, Poison, Flying, Fairy, or Fire-type Pokémon.

If you want to ensure Shiftry has the best chance to perform in the Ultra League and against other Pokémon during raids, there’s a particular moveset you want to make sure it understands. The best option consists of feint attack and leaf blade, snarl and leaf blade, feint stack and bullet seed, or snarl and bullet seed. Bullet seed is a Community Day special move, suggesting you can just have a Shiftry discover this attack if you evolved it on Seedot’s Community Day. While Shiftry does have good options, bullet seed is the best charge attack available to it, and then you want it to know a Dark-type fast move or razor leaf, a Grass-type.

While being a good Pokémon, Shiftry has to do with medium grade compared to other Pokémon options. It definitely can not compete in the Masters League or the Premium Cup, however it should do great in the Ultra League. You might possibly have Shiftry for the Great League if you evolve Seedot at a low sufficient level. If you evolved Seedot at an early level to make this work, it would help.

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