How to do the Blast Radius achievement in Minecraft Dungeons

You have a range of tools available for you to use in MinecraftDungeons Lots Of of them are consumable items that enemies drop after you kill them. One of them is a TNT, which you can use to blow away or greatly damage powerful opponents standing in yourway There’s an achievement in the game for taking out 10 enemies at the very same time with the TNT.

To do this, you first need to loot a TNT item from one of theenemies This part may take you a bit of time, however it’s not too hard. A piece of TNT will ultimately fall, and when you have it, it will drift above yourhead Now, whenever you click your varied item attack, you will throw the TNT instead.

When you have the TNT you need to wait till you have a consistent mob of enemies following you. You can do this on almost any mission in the game, and the hard part is having enough of them behind you and close by. A good strategy is to use the wolf, llama, or the iron golem family pet to sidetrack the enemies into assaulting it. While they remain focused on it, you can throw the TNT into the mob and blow them up.

Another good strategy is to have a large group chase you, throw the TNT, and after that lead them over to the blast radius. You want to take a health potion before doing this to ensure you make it through the blast, however if you have enough enemies following you, you can complete the achievement.

You will know you have actually finished the Blast Radius achievement as soon as you hear the ding and see a pop-up alert about it.

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