How to Increase FPS in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

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Frames Per Second (FPS) is a necessary setting to master for anyone in a competitive game, specifically PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds ( PUBG). If a second of the match drawback for you, you might yourself on the ground waiting for a restore from an ally, or you need to start up a newmatch Instead of acquiring a brand name new computer, you can modify a handful of settings in the game to help improve your online PUBG experience

Before you start playing around with the graphics settings, you want to focus on the FPS settings. You do not have to do this in the middle of amatch On the main menu, you should see a cog in the upper-right hand part of your screen. Click on it, and you’ll go to the PUBG settings page where you can modify anything you want to focuson Under the Show Settings area, you can change the display screen mode of your game, it’s resolution, and the lobby and in-game FPS cap.

By default, it’s set to endless, however this might possibly have your computer bouncing all over theplace Your best bet is to place a limitation on it. For the Lobby, you want to set it to 60 or 30FPS The in-game FPS Cap is far more critical due to the fact that if you die there, you have to start a newmatch If you do not know the FPS choice for your computer, putting a cap of 60 FPS is typically a good bet, you can set it to the custom-made setting. With a customized setting your FPS can range from 30 to 300, however 144 usually is a preferable setting for mostplayers You can play around with this to see what fits for you.

If putting a cap on your PUBG game’s FPS does not help excessive, you can work your way down to the Advanced Settings tab to modify the graphics in thegame You can choose the general graphics to switch in between ultra, high, medium, low, and really low. If there’s a mix of things you want to play with, you can attempt setting it to custom-made and customizing each setting. You want to lower your settings in this order: Anti-Aliasing, Shadows, post- processing, Textures, Foilage, Results, and View Distance.

You may need to play around a couple of times and even jump into a couple of games to see how the settings take. To ensure your settings accept, attempt turning the game off and after that refill it again.

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