PS5 Launch Lineup Is ‘Pretty Big,’ Says Popular Streamer and FGC Member

Streamer and popular Fighting Game Community member, Maximillian Dood, has declared that the PS5 launch lineup will be ‘very f***ing big,’ which is something you ‘d expect from a new console release, however still quite good to hear?

PS5 Launch Lineup Teased

Speaking on Twitch, he not just revealed that we’ll be dipping into a comprehensive lineup of games come PS5’s release, however he also revealed that Sony has actually been sculpting away on stated titles “for a long time,” and that various market friends have actually been submitting him in on the chatter “for years.”

Certainly, this is just what he’s heard, and absolutely nothing should be taken a face worth up until we hear it from Sony themselves.

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Again, the fact Sony has actually been working on PS5 games for years is certainly absolutely nothing new: development packages for the console have actually been knocking around for ages now, so first-party developers would have had them in their hands for years at this moment. Still, let’s hope we in fact hear what the games are soon, eh?

Speaking of PS5 launch games, one rumor doing the rounds is that a Jak & & Daxter remaster is in the pipeline, although the source for that is quite dodgy.

Source: Gaming Bolt

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