Godfall PS5 News Coming Soon As Official Twitter Account Begins Teasing Lore


It appears that Godfall PS5 News will be coming soon as the official Twitter account has actually started teasing some information from the game’s lore, recommending more information are coming at the PS5 reveal event.

The official Godfall Twitter account tweeted out an image of a small scrap of paper with the following text:

“It did not escape us that the Archons never worked together. It would be difficult for one of us to take on an Archeon and win. But unlike them, we were not alone. Even if they would not work together, we Valorians could. – The Upheaval, Book 12.”

This text appears to recommend that we will be playing as the Valorians, which is who we see in the reveal trailer for the game and fighting against the Archons. This tease offers substantial trustworthiness to the numerous reports today that the PS5 reveal event is set to take place on June 3.

Godfall originates from Counterplay Games and Transmission Publishing and is targeted at being a co-operative looter-slasher, releasing specifically on PS5 for consoles. The game was revealed at The Game Awards 2019 and has actually been remarkably quiet ever since, in spite of some quick gameplay leakages previously in the year.

Godfall is one of a number of PS5 games that were confirmed today as a part of Official PlayStation Publication’s latestissue You can see our list of every PS5 game currently confirmed here.

Godfall introduces this Holiday for PS5.

Source– [Godfall Official Twitter]

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