How to get a free Thousand-Pierced Bear Volibear skin in League of Legends

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Long term fans of Volibear, and people who fear what takes place when the enormous monster gets his paws on them, will have been getting to grips with the champions rework in League ofLegends After a little misconception in between Riot and players of the game around how Volibear would in fact look, it appears that Riot is attempting to make up for their part in the confusion by offering a free skin.

A brief story called Silence for the Damned set players up with a extremely various image of how Volibear would appear in the game, so Riot chosen to in fact make the skin that people had actually been imaging him as. This is more than most likely the only time that such a free skin will be handed out by riot for a champ update.

While updates for champions constantly leads to their existing skins being revamped and brought up to the game’s current requirements, free skins like this have actually never ever been done, so get it while you can.

There are 2 ways to get your hands on this great lookingskin Anyone who owned Volibear prior to patch 10.11 will get the skin forfree You have till the arrival of patch 10 if you do not own Volibear yet.12 to buy him, and if you do you will also get the freeskin Skins will start going out May 28, 1: 00 PM PDT and will be dispersed till June 10, 1: 00 PM PDT.

That is a quite broad window, so do not freak out if you do not get your skin immediately. After the free gift is ended up, Thousand-Pierced Bear skin will cost 975 Riot Points, League of Legends exceptional currency.

At the minute, we are not sure of the release date of patch 10.12, so make sure you get Volibear while you can. Volibear currently expenses 4800 Blue Essence in the in-gameshop You can earn Blue Essence just by playing the game, so even if you are a new player, you should have time to get your hands on him, and his sweet new skin.

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