How to unlock the Mario Hanafuda Card Design in 51 Worldwide Games

If you have a chance to attempt out any of the 51 games featured in the Nintendo Switch special 51 Worldwide Games, then opportunities are you will observe that some of them have special unlockable designs or designs to add to your collection and use at your leisure.

One of these games is Hanafuda which, in normal Nintendo design, has a Mario- themed deck for you to unlock and use in single-player or multiplayer whenever you expensive. how on earth do you really unlock it? Well. It is rather easy.

The first thing you want to do is head into the single-player mode and head straight to the Hanafuda gameoption play a game and attempt to win it to unlock the bronze medal when you do that. Upon conclusion of an effective game, you will be advised that you have won a present for your worthy efforts so it has to do with time we go and gather it.

From the game selection menu head all the way back to the start and click on the world. You will then be able to find the NPC that is holding your present. Click on them on the world and open your gift and you will receive the Mario Hanafuda cards to use whenever you wish.

To choose them, all you need to do in the Hanafuda menu before clicking to start a 3-round game is change the Card Design selection to the Mario option, the deck will then be playable in your next games!

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