Warcraft III Reforged Patch Notes 1.32.6

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Blizzard has released a new update for Warcraft IIIReforged Below you will find all information about this update on June fourth.

Warcraft III Reforged Update 1.326 is now available fordownload You need to download and install a total of around 1.6 GB.

Warcraft III Reforged Update 1.326 Patch Notes


  • Raccoons no longer disappear unnaturally during their death animation in Reforged mode.
  • Fixed an issue with the Northrend Tree Wall Doodad where they appeared white on the minimap.


  • Dealt With an issue with walking animation speed in specific campaign maps.

Custom-made Games

  • Fixed a desync caused by script timer whose period is less than the game FPS.


  • Fixed a tradition issue where the Summoned Damage data field for Feedback abilities was topped at10 This did not impact competitive multiplayer, however was bothersome for customized map makers.


  • Team-colored healthbars are no longer “On” by default for new users.


Mountain King

  • Thunderclap cooldown increased from 6 seconds to 7 seconds throughout all levels.
    • Developers’ notes: Over the past year, the Mountain King’s Thunderclap has actually been somewhat overperforming. While meta changes in 1v1 have actually seen its use reduced, it remains an extremely strong ability in teamgames We want to reduce its uptime, which should also allow players to much better micro against the Mountain King by providing more time to rearrange in between casts.


  • Attack hold-up increased from 1.35 to 1.4.
    • Developers’ notes: This change is focused around the Human vs. Night Fairy rifleman push. We do not naturally want the rifle push to entirely vanish nor for riflemen to fall too far in power, however rather for the push to be somewhat more equivalent in between the assaulter and protector. We’re changing the power on both sides, with this being the Human side of the change.


  • Resurrection mana cost reduced from 200 to150
    • Developers’ notes: Resurrection already has the restriction of waiting for a player’s army to be dead before being cast. At the exact same time, Paladins frequently spend much of their mana casting Holy Light to keep systems alive in the firstplace Minimizing the mana cost should help boost the desirability of this ultimate by lowering mana stress.


Shadow Hunter

  • Big Bad Voodoo mana cost reduced from 200 to150
    • Developers’ notes: We’re lowering the mana cost to help with mana stress. The ultimate itself was not modified at this time, as we want to keep the unique identity of how it works, and instead see if we can press it to be a bit higher of a pick through increasing schedule of the spell.

Far Seer

  • Earthquake period reduced from 25 to 20 seconds. Building damage per second increased from 50 to60 Mana cost reduced from 150 to125 Earthquake no longer impacts friendly units/structures.
    • Developers’ notes: With Earthquake no longer impacting friendly systems, Far Seer players should now have a new slowing down option available to them for combat use. Minimizing the period while keeping the general damage approximately the exact same makes reacting to a Far Seer casting Earthquake more crucial and offers a bit more consistency to how much damage it can cause.

Tauren Chieftain

  • War Stomp cooldown increased per level from 6/6/6 to 7/7/7.
    • Developers’ notes: War Stomp has actually revealed to be rather powerful in current months. Our company believe this is more due to Tauren Chieftain’s ability to more regularly provide stuns, instead of the damage boost to War Stomp. Just lowering its damage would be less most likely to reduce the power of War Stomp. This change doubles the downtime of the ability at level 3, providing opponents more time to counter micro. In addition, this deteriorates the Tauren Chieftain’s early game enabling opponents to much better push for map control.

Witch Medical Professional

  • Stasis Trap activation hold-up reduced from 10 to 9 seconds. Detection radius reduced from 250 to175 Activation time reduced from 1.0 to 0.5.
  • New data variable in map editor: Detonation Hold-up.
    • Developers’ notes: Witch Physicians are still relatively unusual in top-levelplay We want to tune up its Tension Trap ability, and to do that we checked out how it might trap more systems. A smaller sized detonation ring integrated with a much shorter hold-up suggests that systems will have less time to move through the area of effect before getting caught and will have less time to attack the totem when it exposes itself.

Night Fairy

Keeper of the Grove

  • Entangling Roots cast range on level 3 increased from 600 to800
    • Developers’ notes: While we like where the Keeper of the Grove’s early game power is, we want to give this ability a little boost in the lategame Because armies grow in size, specifically in team games, restoring its old range should give the Keeper a little more ease of use in late game circumstances.
  • Harmony Invulnerability timeremoved Period reduced from 15 to12 Recovering increased from 40 to48
    • Developers’ notes: In the past we attempted an experiment with Harmony where we would give invulnerability to heroes when casting carried spells. After evaluating it, we’re moving far from this, as we feel it moistens the character of carriedabilities Preferably, a directed ability is extremely powerful with the downside of being interruptible. This weak point is also what offers the abilities their character, as discovering the correct time and place to optimize its power is the main gameplay of using them. Including invulnerability clouds this, as it now acts more like a normal “cast and forget” spell, however with a little additional bonus on completion. It also functioned as anti-debuff mechanic, which was unfavorable. While it might be made to not eliminate debuffs, that would serve as a new special case that’s various from regular invulnerability and it would add new intricacy for players to remember. Instead, we want to more reduce the period of the spell however increase its power of the effect, providing higher advantage even when shut down by opponents, however also motivating opponents to respond rapidly to the carried ability.

Druid of the Claw

  • Base damage in bear type increased from 23 to24
    • Developers’ notes: We believe bears might use a bit more power in the mid-to-late game in general, specifically against Undead. In addition, with Human vs. Night Fairy rifle presses frequently happening right when just a couple of bears are out, we felt that a small bear enthusiast would help protectors just that bit more to keep them in the game.

Druid of the Talon

  • Gold cost reduced from 145 to135
    • Developers’ notes: Formerly Druids of the Talon had their gold cost increased due to stabilize issues with them in the Orc vs. Night Fairy match. The meta has changed a fair bit ever since, therefore we would like to reduce their cost back to its old worth to much better motivate their use.


Crypt Lord

  • Impale can no longer be disrupted. Systems knocked air-borne can now take damage and be assaulted.
  • 2 new data variables in map editor: Airborne Units Vulnerable, Uninterruptible.
  • Crypt Lord cast point increased from 0.4 to 0.5
  • Carrion Beetles mana cost increased from 30 to45 Now spawns 2 beetles at a time, up from 1. Maximum beetles increased from 5 to 6. Cooldown increased from 6 seconds to 9 seconds.
    • Developers’ notes: The being whose may can not be matched is getting a tune-up in thispatch Formerly the Impale ability was hardcoded to be interruptible and make systems hit by it invulnerable while air-borne. Unlike other carried abilities, providing a move order to a command group containing a Crypt Lord casting Impale would cause it to move and cancel theability This change eliminates this inconvenience. In addition, making air-borne systems susceptible no longer causes systems to lose auto attack focus on Impaled systems. Airborne systems are still untargetable by spells. This was left in place out of an abundance of care for presenting unexpected bugs.
    • More developers’ notes: Speaking of bugs, our enthusiast to Carrion Beetles should significantly motivate some new experimentation with this rather seldom selectedability Now the Crypt Lord can produce a swarm of summons much earlier and with less mana invested to either scout opponents or make early game presses. We will be keeping an eye on if this shows to be excessive of an issue in the early game, however we feel these changes general give the ability a much more powerful character.

Death Knight

  • Stimulate Dead mana cost reduced from 175 to125
    • Developers’ notes: We hear rather regular feedback that this ability is one of the lower tier ones. Directly rubbing it excessive at this time appeared risky, as the Death Knight itself is rather core to Undead’s best methods, and rubbing it even more would strengthen this. We do believe its mana cost might be reduced to at least be more proper with its viewed power level.

Skeleton Warrior

  • Base hit points reduced from 190 to180
    • Developers’ notes: This is intended mainly at the Human vs. Undead severe earlygame In this case, at the highest levels, every peasant eliminated during a fast growth is exceptionally valuable, and battles around this are frequently won by inches instead of miles. Returning Skeleton Warriors to their previous health state should help Human Beings (and other races to a degree) to support much better in the early game.

Routine Dagger

  • Total hit points regrowed per charge increased from 125 to175
    • Developers’ notes: The Routine Dagger has yet to truly find a place in high level Undead build orders. Increasing its health regrowed should help it much better compete with items like Scroll of Regrowth, specifically given that at 175 hit points and 2 charges per item, it would bring back 350 hit pointstotal From a higher- level view, this change in addition to the enthusiast to Carrion Beetles might make this item an intriguing pick for Crypt Lord first players.



  • Summon Bear mana cost reduced from 125 to100
    • Developers’ notes: At the highest level of play, the Beastmaster has actually fallen off in use over time. While our company believe this is mainly due to changes in the meta, we want to give a boost to an ability that was underutilized even when Beastmasters wandered easily. In specific, a level 2 Beastmaster beginning at full mana that continuously utilizes their summon abilities when off cooldown would now have the ability to summon an extra Quilbeast when paired with Summon Quilbeast or an extra bear when combined with Summon Hawk.

Pit Lord

  • A system affected by Doom now has its motion speed slowed by 50%.
  • Added 2 new data variables in map editor: Motion Speed Aspect, Maximum Creep Level.
    • Developers’ notes: The Pitlord has actually come rather far in current times, ending up being something more than just a super specific niche pick for styling onopponents With looking over ultimate abilities we want to give this one a little more of a boost to reduce the ability of an opponent to run away an affected system to someplace more separated or perhaps beneficial. We also emerged a long-hidden variable that controls the maximum creep level that can be affected with Doom. While this does not effect competitive multiplayer, it should be practical for customized game creators.


  • Volcano eruption waves reduced from 8 to 5. Wave period reduced from 5 seconds to 3 seconds. Increased building damage element from 2 to 3. No longer impacts friendly units/structures.
    • Developers’ notes: Our company believe the main issue with Volcano is that it is too well balanced and too undependable around its maximum damage output, which is impractical for a directedultimate These changes reduce the general damage potential of the Volcano in exchange for being much more trustworthy and striking much quicker. Getting rid of the ability for it to impact friendly systems should also make Volcano more feasible incombat No more hoping to Ragnaros for the flaming stones to miss out on one’s own systems!

Naga Sea Witch

  • Twister Random roam behaviorremoved Mana cost reduced from 200 to125 Period reduced from 40 seconds to 20 seconds. Close building damage per second increased from 50 to100 Far building damage per second increased from 7 to14
    • Developers’ notes: Much like the other carried ultimates in this update, our company believe a main issue with this ability was that getting worth from the spell took too long compared to its chancecost The damage has actually been increased and period reduced in general. The mana cost was also reduced as the Sea Witch can be one of the more extensive mana users, which might significantly crowd out the chance to cast this ultimate spell. In general, players should constantly feel in charge of their systems which their systems will follow orders to the letter. The random roam, while aesthetically rather cool, goes against this concept and usually made the spell need excessive micromanagement when compared to the benefit it offered.

Blue Dragon Whelp, Blue Drake, and Blue Dragon

  • Added a passive icon suggesting that the system has an attack that slows targets.
  • System tooltip updated to point out that these systems have a frostattack
    • Developers’ notes: This is a quality of lifechange We want to clarify that these systems indeed have a frost attack.

Breath of Frost

  • Size and shape of the ability become match Breath of Fire.
    • Developers’ notes: This ability is entirely used by the Blue Dragonspawn Overseer. In the past this ability’s visual looked like a cone, just like Breath of Fire, however was really using the size and shape of Shockwave. This has actually now been adjusted to use the exact same size and shape as Breath of Fire.


  • Potion of Greater Mana mana restored reduced from 300 to 250.
  • Potion of Mana mana restored reduced from 150 to125 Gold cost reduced from 200 to150
    • Developers’ notes: We want to rule in the power of the Potion of Greater Mana and, at the exact same time, experiment a bit with the regular Potion of Mana. Currently viewed as an emergency situation item, this change makes it somewhat more gold-efficient and aligns its gold price with that of Potion of Recovery, making them more of a direct contrast.
  • Pendant of Energy, Mana offered reduced from 150 to100
    • Developers’ notes: Along with the Greater Mana Potion, the Pendant of Energy frequently gets feedback that it offers excessive mana for where the item shows up on the item drop table. Minimizing the mana offered should bring it more in line with other items in its drop table.
  • Red Drake Egg Removed from default level 5 charged item drop list.
  • Blue Drake Egg is a new level 5 charged Item that summons a Blue Drake for 180 seconds, with 1 Charge.
  • Talisman of the Wild removed from default level 5 charged item drop list.
  • Idol of the Wild is a new level 5 charged Item that summons a Furbolg Tracker for 180 seconds, with 1 Charge.
    • Developers’ note: Amongst the level 5 charged items, there are plainly 2 less wanted items amongst them, the Talisman and the Red Drake Egg. In both cases, the summoned systems provide just a bit of damage and some tanking ability while still offering the opponent experience for their damage. We want to keep the coolness of having items that call forth animals however change what was broughtin With the Blue Drake offering a frost breath attack and the Furbolg Tracker bringing Faerie Fire, these 2 systems now line up with the Rock Golem and Fel Stalker by offering energy in addition to damage and tanking.
  • Scroll of Remediation hit points restored reduced from 300 to150
    • Developers’ note: While the Talisman and Red Drake Egg may have been viewed as the weakest of level 5 charged items, the Scroll of Remediation is unquestionably the greatest. This is specifically true for teamgames Minimizing the recovery it offers down to be equivalent to a Scroll of Recovery should help bring it down more to the level of other items in this tier.
  • Scroll of Animate Dead removed from default level 6 charged drop list.
  • Scepter of Mastery is a charged level 6 item that takes irreversible control of an enemy system, with a Range of 600 and 1 Charge. Can not be used on Heroes or creeps above level 5.
  • Scroll of Resurrection removed from default level 6 charged drop list.
  • Scepter of Avarice is a new Charged level 6 item that immediately kill an enemy system, with a Range of 600 and 1 Charge. Gain gold equivalent to 75% of itscost Can not be used on Heroes or creeps above level 5.
    • Developers’ notes: As with level 5 charged items, there were 2 that appeared to be weaker than the others for level 6 chargeditems When a battle was well in progress with losses installing, these scrolls just truly worked. That suggests that their worth was hard to evaluate while the summon items have far more versatility. Keeping with the style of charged items on this tier being ultimate abilities, we chose to bring in an analog for Transmute and Beauty, which should be more directly similar to bringing in a summoned system by immediately rejecting one of your opponent’s systems.
  • Inferno Stone drop level increased from Level 6 Credited Level 7 Artifact.
  • Engraved Scale is a new Charged level 6 item, that summons a Blue Dragonspawn Overseer for 180 seconds, with 1 Charge.
    • Developers’ notes: Typically pointed out as one of the most powerful items in the game and frequently the focal reason of level 6 charged items being too imbalanced for 1v1 is the Inferno Stone. We want to attempt moving it up a tier while changing it with a new summon item to see if we can motivate higher use of this classification of items in map making while balancing out current team and free for all maps that use it. The Blue Dragonspawn Overseer acts a kind of defensive parallel to the Furbolg Ursa Warrior by offering a Dedication Aura and having the passive Evasion ability builtin Breath of Frost also offers it a good area of effect option comparable to other summons in this tier.


Transport Ship

  • No longer discharges immediately. Now has a 0.5 second hold-up, like Zeppelins.
  • Level reduced from 2 to 1.
  • Hit points reduced from 1500 to 900.
  • Armor type changed from Heavy to Light.
  • Maximum charges at a shipyard reduced from 3 to 2.
  • Preliminary stock hold-up increased from 0 to 120.
  • Stock renew period reduced from 110 to 30, like Zeppelins.
  • Repair time increased to 30 from 25, like Zeppelins.
    • Developers’ notes: While it is not used in any current ladder maps, we want to update this system for nautically likely map makers. In a number of community competitions there have actually been some appealing use of Ships as a map feature, however they might use some tuning. The current statistics for the transport ship are tailored towards use in single player modes, that makes it a bit too reversed as an option for competitive multiplayer. The main change here, nevertheless, is that systems will dump one at a time instead of at one time, which provided the ship users excessive benefit in pulling off aggressive maneuvers, specifically for landing near an opponent’s base with siege damage systems.


Another area we want to attend to in this balance patch is opening up a bit more map design options for the map makingcommunity Mercenary Camps provide a way to both change how matches play out, in addition to provide additional map range. Just the Lordaeron Summer season camp has actually seen prevalent use in the competitive scene. We have actually taken a look at all of the Mercenary Camps and adjusted their system offerings to bring them more in line with the Lordaeron Summer season mercenary camp, while also offering varying options of systems/abilities offered. In addition, lots of systems had their expenses and schedule timeadjusted We’re attempting out having 2 schedule times to combine the Mercenary Camps a bit, by lowering the amount of numbers players need to remember: brief (120 seconds), medium (220 seconds), and long (440 seconds). It’s most likely that more changes to system offerings or the system costs/availability will be required, so we are interested in player and map maker thoughts on these changes.

Mercenary Camp Structure

Lordaeron Summer Season

Cityscape/ Dalaran

Underground/ Dungeon

  • Old: Kobold Geomancer, Burning Archer, Wildkin
  • New: Kobold Geomancer, Burning Archer, Wildkin, Frost Revenant


  • Old: Satyr Shadowdancer, Furbolg Shaman, Thunder Lizard
  • New: Satyr Shadowdancer, Dark Giant Berserker, Dark Giant Shadow Priest, Giant Wolf


  • Old: Centaur Outrider, Shrew Rogue, Razormane Medication Guy, Shrew Windwitch
  • New: Centaur Outrider, Quillboar Hunter, Centaur Archer, Shrew Windwitch

Black Castle/ Outland

  • Old: Fel Monster, Draenei Disciple, Voidwalker, Draenei Darkslayer
  • New: Bloodfiend, Draenei Disciple, Voidwalker, Skeletal Orc Grunt


  • Old: Murloc Flesheater, Sludge Flinger, Satyr Soulstealer
  • New: Murloc Flesheater, Sludge Monstrosity, Satyr Shadowdancer, Spitting Spider

Icecrown Glacier

  • Old: Barbed Arachnathid, Blue Dragonspawn Meddler, Magnataur Warrior, Polar Furbolg Shaman
  • New: Ice Giant Berserker, Blue Dragonspawn Warrior, Tuskarr Therapist, Unbroken Darkweaver

Lordaeron Fall

Lordaeron Winter Season

  • Old: Gnoll Overseer, Ice Giant Berseker, Ice Giant Trapper, Mud Golem
  • New: Troll Mauler, Ice Giant Berserker, Ice Giant Priest, Mud Golem


  • Old: Nerubian Warrior, Ice Giant Berserker, Frost Revenant, Nerubian Webspinner
  • New: Nerubian Warrior, Ice Giant Berserker, Frost Revenant, Nerubian Seer

Sunken Ruins

  • Old: Mur’ gul Snarecaster, Makrura Snapper, Makrura Deepseer, Giant Sea Turtle
  • New: Mur’ gul Snarecaster, Mur’ gul Blood-Gill, Stormreaver Hermit, Skeletal Orc Grunt

Town/ Town Fall

  • Old: Kobold, Murcloc Huntsman, assassin, Kobold Geomancer
  • New: Kobold Tunneler, Kobold Taskmaster, assassin, Kobold Geomancer

Mercenary Camp Units


  • Preliminary stock hold-up increased from 110 seconds to 220 seconds
  • Gold cost increased from 250 to 260


  • Preliminary stock hold-up increased from 0 seconds to 220 seconds
  • Max stock reduced from 3 to 1
  • Gold cost increased from 170 to 240

Blue Dragonspawn Warrior

  • Gold cost increased from 255 to 300
  • Lumber cost reduced from 30 to 0

Burning Archer

  • Preliminary stock hold-up increased from 60 seconds to 220 seconds

Centaur Archer

  • Preliminary stock hold-up reduced from 440 seconds to 120 seconds

Centaur Outrunner

  • Preliminary stock hold-up increased from 60 seconds to 220 seconds

Dark Giant Berserker

  • Preliminary stock hold-up reduced from 440 seconds to 220 seconds
  • Gold cost reduced from 255 to 245

Dark Giant Shadow Priest

  • Preliminary stock hold-up reduced from 440 seconds to 120 seconds
  • Gold cost reduced from 195 to 175

Draenai Disciple

  • Preliminary stock hold-up reduced from 135 seconds to 120 seconds
  • Stock replenishment hold-up increased from 90 seconds to 110
  • Gold cost increased from 155 to 195
  • Lumber cost reduced from 15 to 10

Huge Wolf

  • Preliminary stock hold-up reduced from 440 seconds to 220 seconds
  • Gold cost reduced from 255 to 215
  • Lumber cost reduced from 30 to 0

Gnoll Brute

  • Preliminary stock hold-up increased from 60 seconds to 120 seconds
  • Gold cost reduced from 215 to 140
  • Lumber cost reduced from 20 to 0

Gnoll Warden

  • Preliminary stock hold-up increased from 180 seconds to 220 seconds
  • Gold cost reduced from 215 to 180

Shrew Windwitch

  • Preliminary stock hold-up reduced from 640 seconds to 440 seconds

Ice Giant Priest

  • Preliminary stock hold-up reduced from 440 seconds to 120 seconds
  • Gold cost reduced from 195 to 175

Kobold Geomancer

  • Gold cost reduced from 255 to 215

Kobold Tunneler

  • Preliminary stock hold-up reduced from 440 seconds to 120 seconds
  • Gold cost reduced from 215 to 150
  • Lumber cost reduced from 20 to 0

Mur’ gul Blood-Gill

  • Preliminary stock hold-up reduced from 440 seconds to 120 seconds
  • Gold cost increased from 105 to 195
  • Lumber cost increased from 0 to 10

Mur’ gul Snarecaster

  • Gold cost increased from 215 to 265
  • Lumber cost increased from 20 to 30

Murloc Flesheater

  • Preliminary stock hold-up increased from 60 seconds to 120 seconds

Nerubian Warrior

  • Preliminary stock hold-up increased from 60 seconds to 120 seconds
  • Gold cost reduced from 215 to 205

Quillboar Hunter

  • Preliminary stock hold-up reduced from 440 seconds to 220 seconds


  • Preliminary stock hold-up increased from 60 seconds to 120 seconds

Satyr Shadowdancer

  • Preliminary stock hold-up increased from 330 seconds to 440 seconds
  • Gold cost reduced from 255 to 200
  • Lumber cost reduced from 30 to 20

Spitting Spider

  • Preliminary stock hold-up reduced from 440 seconds to 220 seconds
  • Gold cost increased from 215 to 235
  • Lumber cost increased from 20 to 30

Stormreaver Hermit

  • Preliminary stock hold-up reduced from 440 seconds to 220 seconds
  • Gold cost increased from 180 to 190

Tuskarr Therapist

  • Preliminary stock hold-up reduced from 440 seconds to 120 seconds
  • Lumber cost reduced from 20 to 10

Unbroken Darkweaver

  • Gold cost increased from 255 to 320
  • Lumber cost increased from 30 to 50


  • Gold cost increased from 155 to 245
  • Lumber cost increased from 15 to 30


    When being assaulted by a single system or hero,

  • Makrura Deepseer creeps will no longer often stop to respond to enemy systems.
    • Developers’ note: As an intriguing aside, this bug stems from the Summon Prawnsability Like lots of abilities, Summon Prawns adjusts the behavior of the system it is designated to. Generally, this is for choosing when to cast an ability or who to target with it. While this bug just impacts the Murkura Deepseer in multiplayer, this fix should also clear up some AI strangeness for systems using it in customized games.
  • Items can no longer be destroyed by projectiles while in a hero’sinventory
    • Developers’ note: While we do want to keep the counterplay option of killing items as a method of rejection, we want to resolve this particular oddbehavior Currently if a projectile is in mid-flight it will constantly do harm to an item, regardless of whether it was selectedup This felt specifically odd when a high-speed hero would pick up an item, move away, and after that unexpectedly lose the item due to the fact that of sluggish moving projectiles landing at the item’s previouslocation In addition, this behavior now matches how systems chose up by a Zeppelin functions.
  • Breath of Fire (Brewmaster)
  • Beginning projectile size increased from 120 to 125 at level 2, matches level 1 and 3 beginning size.
    • Developers’ note: This tradition bug has not caused any observable issues, nevertheless we wanted to tidy up the inconsistency in between levels.


Map Pool Rotation


  • Removed: Dalaran
  • Added: Brightwater Sanctuary.
    • Developers’ note: Brightwater Sanctuary includes a new fascinating mapfeature Each side of this map will have 1 Goblin Merchant and 1 Goblin Lab, however each will spawn in one of 2locations This adds an intriguing wrinkle to changing one’s sneaking and attack paths based on map conditions. These locations are connected and symmetric so there should not be balance issues around one player having a much shorter distance to a shop than the opposing player.


  • Removed: Phantom Grove LV
  • Added: Circle of Fallen Heroes


  • Removed: Rolling Hills
  • Added: Guardians


  • Removed: Banewood Bog LV
  • Added: Northern Felwood

Free For All

  • Removed: Mur’ gul Sanctuary LV
  • Added: Greenville Woods

Map Updates

Terenas Stand LV

  • Animals added to the map

Twisted Meadows

  • Green Gnoll camps near player start locations now has an extra level 1 Gnoll and the Gnoll Brute drops a level 1 power-upitem
    • Developers’ note: We want to make taking the Gnoll camp feel a little morerewarding It also strikes a breakpoint where a single hero can reach level 3 by sneaking the Gnoll camp and 2 yellow camps outside the ‘front’ of each beginninglocation Formerly, 2 start locations might do this, however the other 2 would result in a hero just somewhat brief of level 3.

Echo Isles

  • Added additional trees and doodads behind the south west growth to attend to circumstances of player systems getting stuck in unpathable locations after using a Scroll of Town Portal.
  • Filled in various pathing holes around the outer edges of the map.
    • Developers’ note: While it was unusual for players to get their systems stuck behind the southwest growth location, and stuck systems might be released through damaging trees, we want to solve the issue more directly.

Sanctuary LV

  • Animals added to the map
  • Removed 2 Apprentice Wizards from the north and south red camps. Reduced the item drop from the Troll Magi from level 6 Credited level 5 Charged.
    • Developers’ note: There was feedback that the Troll Magi at the map’s north and south middle red camps were a bit too simple to retreat and kill in the earlygame This would result in a powerful level 6 Charged item being dropped early on which might make rush methods overly strong. To resolve this, we reduced the level of the item while making the camp somewhat easier general to show the lower level of item dropped.

Twilight Ruins LV

  • Removed a Skeletal Grunt and changed it with 2 Burning Archers at each of the middle red creep camps.
    • Developers’ note: Formerly these creep camps did not have any anti-air components aside from Death Coil. This provided players who hurried to air systems, Undead specifically, a bit excessive of a benefit when sneaking. This change should make these camps need more time and financial investment to take down.

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