How to improve house condition in BitLife

When buying a home in BitLife, you may not have the most money available to you when you at first buy it. Due To The Fact That of your minimal funds, you may have to buy a home where it does not have the best condition, which can lead to numerous problems with it as it continues to age, and you may not be able to offer it for a much better price when you want to buy a much better piece ofproperty You can improve a house’s condition.

Take a look at your house’s condition in the assets tab of the application. Tap on the home, or analyze it before purchasing, and examine the condition of thehouse A home with a bad condition will have a low, red bar, whereas a good one has a high greenone Many of the time, the home with a higher condition costs far more than the one with a lowerone To improve the home’s condition, you first need to purchase it with cash or a loan.

Go to the assets tab on your main screen and click on the property you own. You will have a range of options to choose from while on this new screen. You want to go down to the option of refurbishing thehome You will need to use a direct amount of your earnings to refurbish, however it enhances the home’scondition It’s a financial investment. The higher condition of your home, the more it will offer for later on when after numerous years.

The amount for the renovation will differ. The more you spend on it, the higher condition you can receive, therefore having less random expenses with the home and the more money you can receive, earning a profit on the house.

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