Jump King Is Now Available For Xbox One

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” Tactical Leaping Adventure – Jump King: There is a Cigarette Smoking Hot Babe on top!” is a platforming challenge about struggling upwards in search of the famous Cigarette smoking Hot Babe! This lonesome adventure to arrive will demand your full mastery of the method of leaping. Just attempt to keep in mind that with each fall there is a lesson to be discovered …

Jump King consists of 2 free growths – “New Babe+” and “Ghost of the Babe”!

– Prepare for true high-stakes platforming!
The only way forward is up, and your just enemy is yourself! Stress increases with each jump when a single mistake implies a long fall – and you need to get back up again yourself …

– Hold to charge and release to jump away!
The apparently easy act of leaping will take much practice to master.

– Use your mind before you jump!
The apparent path is often not the best, and when you are in the air there is no turning back …

• The higher you jump, the more difficult you fall.
• All progress and each fall is auto- saved.
• Addicting however hard gameplay.
• Challenge your friends to master this test ofresolve
• Hours of nail-biting thriller wait for.

Find out to enjoy and dislike the curious characters that you fulfill on your journey through this mystical verticalworld

• Timeless graphics– stylish animations.
• Fastidiously hand drawn backgrounds.
• Extraordinary OST by Thörnlund & & Eklöf Sound.
• High-definition atmospheres.

The last hour resulted in this jump, whatever is on the line! Will you get the Babe? Will you arrive? Do you believe you have what it requires to beat this game!?


” New Babe+”:.
” How entertaining, he approaches without shaking …” The world at the end of the Imp’s hidden path appears familiar, yet whatever is various … Prove that you actually are worthy of the title of Jump King in the extreme second chapter!

” Ghost of the Babe”:.
Examine the secret of the Ghost of the Babe in the twisted 3rd chapter of the famousstruggle The desolate land past Theorist’s Forest is unlike anything seen before … With just a faint ghostly existence staying, what is left to jump for? You didn’t do it for her, did you?

( It is advised to finish the original game before trying the growths.)

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