Destiny 2 Will Receive Three Major Expansions Within The Next Two Years

Destiny 2 had a big reveal today showcasing the future of the title. Three major expansions were announced along with a PS5 version which you can get for free if you own the PS4 version along with cross-play in between the PS4 and PS5.

Destiny 2 Will Receive Three Major Expansions Within The Next Two Years

The three expansions will bring Destiny 2 through to 2022 strengthening Bungie’s dedication to the title. The first of the expansions “Beyond Light” is set to introduce on September 22,2020 “The Witch Queen” will release at some point in 2021 and “Lightfall” will close out the trio of expansions in 2022.

Very little more information is learnt about the Witch Queen and Lightfall growth however Beyond Light will take place on Europa and brings back the Exo Complete Stranger who was last seen in the firstDestiny Destiny fans will have plenty of content to keep them amused for a couple of more years.

This reveal follows what was Destiny 2’s first live event this past Saturday, which had the Almighty crash into Earth and destroy a small part of the tower. The new growth was teased previously this month.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light comes to PS4 on September 22.

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