JETT: The Far Shore For PS5 Is A Cinematic Interstellar Trip Across Space


Announced the other day at the PS5 reveal event, JETT: The Far Shore is an appealing cinematic action-adventure shrouded in secret.

The game which is co-developed by Pinewood Scented Software and Superbrothers (who created Sword and Sworcery) takes you on an interstellar trip to find and create a new future for humanity who are haunted by oblivion. We truly do not know much about the game, however the reveal trailer certainly captured our attention as it looks beautiful and has a hauntingly tantalising mysteriousness to it.

You can view the reveal trailer for JETT: The Far Shore on PS5 below: com/watch? v= SyAsEdC61 MM

JETT: The Far Shore is just one of lots of announcements made the other day. You can rewatch and catch up on whatever in our center for the event.

JETT: The Far Shore is pertaining to PS5 and PS4 later on this year.

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