Marcel Kiefer Comes Forth in The F1 Esports Pro Exhibition race

The F1 Esports Pro Exhibition race provided more drama this night in Canada. Red Bull Racing Esports driver Marcel Kiefer looked set to claim second place before a collision on the final lap rejected him of the chance to step onto the podium. Colleague Frede Rasmussen had a less significant race, ending up in 16 th.

Qualifying had a various format tonight; a one- shot, hot-lapsession Marcel qualified in second with Frede in ninth. Regardless of challenging damp conditions, Marcel preserved second place till he was surpassed by Mercedes driver Leigh on lap 7. Towards completion of the race, Leigh pitted promoting Marcel back intosecond On the final lap, the Mercedes driver made an enthusiastic overtake resulting in the 2 clashing and Marcel striking the barrier. Marcel completed the race in 4th place.

Frede had an abnormally peaceful race, investing most of his time fighting in themidfield As the track began to dry, the Danish driver pitted for a fresh set of intermediate tires, in the hope he might press through the field. He came back out in 18 th, however was not able to climb back up the order and needed to settle for 16 th.

Marcel commented,

“What an insanerace I had the precise very same lap time as Shanaka Clay who began in firstplace I invested the bulk of the race in second place however contact in the penultimate corner pressed me into 4th. There’s no need to place blame onanyone Thankfully this is an exhibition race and we aren’t completing for the Championship yet.”

Frede added,

” I have actually been practicing a lot on the new version of the game preparing for the season to begin, so an absence of practice certainly prevented my performance today. I took pleasure in the one- shot qualifying, that was enjoyable. The track was too damp so it was difficult to surpass and I got some damage in the middle of the race and lost a lot of time.”

The official 2020 F1 Esports Championship starts on 9 September. Make sure you tune back in to view our drivers safeguard the Championship.

F1 Esports Pro Exhibition Race Canada Results

  • 1. Shanaka Clay– Williams
  • 2. Lukas Blakeley– Racing Point
  • 3. Brendon Leigh– Mercedes
  • 4. Marcel Kiefer– Red Bull Racing Esports
  • 5. Jarno Opmeer– Alfa Romeo
  • 6. Simon Weigang– HAAS
  • 7. Daniel Bereznay– Alfa Romeo
  • 8. Daniele Haddad– Racing Point
  • 9. Josh Idowu– McLaren
  • 10 Fabrizio Donoso -Renault
  • 16 Frede Rasmussen– Red Bull Racing Esports

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