Is Vigor Coming To PS4?

Vigor 2.2 Hunters Update– Main New Features

New Featured map added: Batterie: Snodekt (snow version)

Quick Play + Featured Map

Leaderboards in Duplicates screen added

Season 2 Extention

New weapon statistics added

Inhabited Slots in Personalizations

Bullet damage over distance modified

Challenges distribution modified

Camera enhancements

Russian localization

Vigor 2.2 Hunters Update– Shooting, Defense & & Tools

(**** )Fixed: Hits fromdead players weren’t neglected, for that reason they resulted in a bigger number of trade kills

Fixed: Machinegun position, machinegun arm additive for intended

Fixed: Tools– Player’s position moved after putting a Tool

Fixed: Camping tents are now more penetrable

Added: Aimpoint change for weapons

Tweaked: Camera Objective point of ADR

Updated: Objective help on regular scarecrows is disabled

Vigor 2.2 Hunters Update– Robbery

Fixed: Deconstruction– Stash UI not updated after deconstructing

Fixed: Generated loot is now dispersed properly

Vigor 2.2 Hunters Update– Shelter

Fixed: Survival rate in Individual Statistics is shown as a portion instead of a decimal number.

Fixed: Charity box– rewards are now effectively purchased

Fixed: French localization of the Battle Pass level indication

Changed: build shelter improvement challenge will no longer be provided to players with a maxed out shelter

Changed: Made it possible for localization and fixed layout related issues from long strings

Changed: Added sale label to person list items

Changed: Made sale labels look much better

Added: Discount Rate Label on Offering Point Button

Updated: Craft X consumables challenges now effectively reacts to tools

Vigor 2.2 Hunters Update– Motion & & Camera

Fixed: Preliminary vulnerable angle is wrong when going into vulnerable in ADS

Changed: Move camera even more back

Changed: Tweaked exit 1PV camera shift to clipless with the consistent whilst left shoulder

Added: Female variations of some gestures

Vigor 2.2 Hunters Update– Visuals

Changed: Various posture in the lobby after purchasing the first booster

Tweaked: PA md. 86 reload animations polish

Tweaked: Skorpion reload animations polish

Added: RPK reload animations polish

Added: Steyr AUG A1 reload animations polish

Added: M16 A2 reload animations polish

Added: Silver Pigeon shotgun reload animations polish

Added: New animations for various match results (won, died, crushed etc)

Added: A new set of vulnerable animations for new vulnerable behavior for RFL PST and UNA

Vigor 2.2 Hunters Update– Audio

Fixed: Reduced volume on waterfall in the Shelter

Added: Female variation for some gesture sounds

Added: Sounds for headgear and outfit sets equip

Tweaked: Audio volumes in the Shelter

Vigor 2.2 Hunters Update– Other

Fixed: Crashed fixes (memory)

Fixed: Player stuck in viewer when eliminated on match start

Changed: A map is now properly revealing colleagues motion on the map too

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