Top 25 Highest Earning Esports Players of 2020 So Far

2020 has hit a lot of markets extremely hard– however not esports.

The lockdown has actually brought substantial growth in audiences to expert gaming as millions flock to enjoy the world’s best players in action.

This new level of interest will just help the market grow, along with the pay packages of the players themselves.

However, how much do they earn?

New research by esports bookies Unikrn shows just how much the top 25 players have actually been winning in tournament prize money up until now this year.

In 2019, there was a total prize pool of $227 m shared in between over 25,000 players playing in 5,000 competitions.

Six months into 2020 and there’s still been $325 m in prize money — regardless of the cancellation and post ponement of lots of events.

Of that pot, the highest earning player has actually taken home $300,000 up until now.

Brazilian Paulo Damo Da Rosa, called PVDDR, won Magic: The Event Arena’s, Magic World Championship XXVI in February– stealing the substantial cost in one swelling amount.

The 5 members of Spacestation Gaming’s Rainbow Six Siege team — Bosco, Rampy, Thinkingnade, Fultz and Canadian– also feature in the top 10.

Their triumphes in this year’s Six Invitational 2020 and Pro League Season 11 have earned them $210,000 each.

With a combined age of 47, teens Wolfiez, Furious and JannisZ are in the top 16 for their big Fortnite wins.

The UK’s Wolfiez, 16, has actually taken home $130,000 up until now this year from 2 competitions coming second in both FNCS Invitationals: Europe last month.

JannisZ, 15, from Germany, won one of those competitions, while American 16-year- old Furious protected success in the FNCS Grand Finals in The United States And Canada– both earning $120,000+

Amongst the top 25, Chess24 stars Hikaru Nakamura and grandmaster Magnus Carlsen have also taken home over $100,000 each in prize money.


The typical age of the top 25 earning players up until now in 2020 is 24 years old

So far this year, the top nation for earning prize money is the United States with players making over $6million in between 1,870 of them.

Nevertheless, the best average prize winner per nation comes from Jordan

Six players earned an average of $33,000 each– made up mainly by Doha 2 players Yapzor and Miracle-, who declared $175,000 of the total $200,000

Bear in mind all of these earnings do not include their sponsorships, wages or bonus offers– some of which are rumoured to be around the $500,000 mark.

So there will be players quickly taking home near to $1,000,000 a year.

The highest earning esports player of all-time is Danish Dota 2 player Johan Sundstein.

Passing player ID N0tail, the 26-year- old has actually collected $6.9 m in prize money from 117 competitions and been a winner at the International 2018 and 2019.

Ryan Jurado, esports analyst with the market juggernaut Unikrn, stated: ” As excellent as the prize earnings are in esports, they’re just the suggestion of the iceberg.

” In reality, thousands of players around the world make extra earnings by building their brand name and fan bases with non-competition activities such as gaming streams, earn earnings with sponsorship offers and receive a wage to play as part of an arranged team.

” Amazon’s Twitch alone has 22,000 partnered banners, many of whom are playing games and earning cash outside of competitions. When you add in Microsoft’s Mixr, Google’s YouTube, Facebook, plus non-American platforms like Huya, plus thousands of annual video game competitions, the number of players making some type of earnings by gaming is likely well over 100,000 worldwide. For many, this is a paying pastime instead of a profession, however some players do reach multi-millionaire status before they even finish high school.”

Paid Esports Players in 2020 (By Cash Prize)

Real name Player name Game Citizenship Age Cash Prize 2020 Competitions Cash Prize (Overall)
Paulo Damo da Rosa PVDDR Magic: The Event Arena Brazil32$300,00000 1$337,80000
Troy Jaroslawski Canadian Rainbow Six Siege Canada23$210,00000 2$317,62857
Dylan Bosco Bosco Rainbow Six Siege United States25$210,00000 2$275,75000
Nathanial Duvall Rampy Rainbow Six Siege United States$210,00000 2$261,06000
Javier Escamila Thinkingnade Rainbow Six Siege El Salvador21$210,00000 2$261,03000
Alec Fultz Fultz Rainbow Six Siege American$210,00000 2$238,96667
Lee, Byung Ryul Rogue Starcraft II Korea26$155,12820 9$832,54320
Marcio Carvalho Marcio Carvalho Magic The Event Arena Portugal34$150,00000 1$214,90000
Jaden Ashman Wolfiez Fortnite UK16$130,00000 2$ 1,300,02667
Lasse Urpalainen Matumbaman Dota 2 Finland25$122,41340 7$ 3,684,19444
Clement Ivanov Puppey Dota 2 Estonia30$122,41340 7$ 2,783,89963
Ludwig Wåhlberg Zai Dota 2 Sweden22$122,41340 7$ 2,443,05442
Yazied Jaradat YapzOr Dota 2 Jordan25$122,41340 7$ 1,452,52407
Michał Jankowski Nisha Dota 2 Poland19$122,41340 7$852,67911
Furious Fortnite United States16$121,50000 3$122,40000
JannisZ Fortnite Germany15$120,00000 1$131,36242
Asger Larsen AcilioN CS: GO Denmark23$117,68805 6$205,47135
Lucas Andersen Bubzki CS: GO Denmark21$113,80000 5$186,77086
Frederik Gyldstrand acoR CS: GO Denmark22$113,80000 5$183,03472
Rasmus Beck sjuush CS: GO Denmark21$113,80000 5$178,61309
Fredrik Jørgensen roejJ CS: GO Denmark$113,80000 5$167,24203
Hikaru Nakamura Hikaru Chess24 Japan32$102,6321910$148,11761
Sven Magnus Carlsen DrNykterstein Chess24 Norway29$101,17048 7$130,92892
Seth Manfield Seth Manfield Magic: The Event Arena United States29$100,00000 1$141,90000
David Wang Aqua Fortnite Austria18$98,75000 4$ 1,868,34123

Top 10 Highest Earning Countries in 2020 (By Cash Prize)

Nation Cash PrizePlayers Typical per
United States$ 6,340,646891870$ 3,39072
China$ 2,918,94404340$ 8,58513
Brazil$ 2,161,50614401$ 5,39029
Korea, Republic of$ 2,067,29352455$ 4,54350
France$ 1,516,40365419$ 3,61910
Russian Federation$ 1,495,11767440$ 3,39799
Denmark$ 1,472,04131173$ 8,50891
Germany$ 1,262,67052483$ 2,61422
UK$ 1,255,64162333$ 3,77070
Canada$ 1,170,59149308$ 3,80062

Highest Earning Players of Perpetuity (By Cash Prize)

Real name Player name Game Citizenship Age Cash Prize Overall Competitions
Johan Sundstein N0tail Dota 2 Denmark26$ 6,895,04018117
Jesse Vainikka JerAx Dota 2 Finland28$ 6,470,0000265
Anathan Pham ana Dota 2 Australia20$ 6,000,4119624
Sébastien Debs Ceb Dota 2 France28$ 5,501,2330154
Topias Taavitsainen Topson Dota 2 Finland22$ 5,415,0461721
Kuro Takhasomi KuroKy Dota 2 Germany27$ 5,177,76481110
Amer Al-Barkawi Miracle- Dota 2 Jordan22$ 4,743,1188857
Ivan Ivanov MinD_ContRoL Dota 2 Bulgaria25$ 4,534,1933667
Maroun Merhej GH Dota 2 Lebanon24$ 4,137,1264444
Lasse Urpalainen Matumbaman Dota 2 Finland25$ 3,674,1810469

** Statistics drawn from and do not consist of wages, bonus offers or sponsorships

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