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The Last of Us Part 2 has many various collectibles to find and Artifacts are one of them. There are a total of 148 Artifacts in the game to find all through the game’s story. We’ve got collected all of them and compiled them collectively into this The Last of Us Part 2 Artifact Locations information.

The Last of Us Part 2 Artifact Locations

The Last of Us Part 2 doesn’t have chapters in the normal way. As a substitute, every one is split into days. Nevertheless, now we have named the chapters based mostly on what you do in the game and what they’re referred to as whenever you save your game.

Spoilers will certainly be current in this information, together with locations and gameplay mechanics that Naughty Canine hasn’t talked about publically. You should take every chapter at a time. Nevertheless, now we have also spoiler marked every part of the game below which comprises heavy story spoilers. So, you don’t have to fret and are in secure palms.

  • Jackson
  • Seattle Day 1
  • Seattle Day 2
  • Seattle Day 3
  • Four Years Earlier


Spoiler warning for this part of the game. Don’t learn on till you might have completed all of the earlier chapters.

  • Seattle Day 1 (Abby)
  • Seattle Day 2 (Abby)
  • Seattle Day 3 (Abby)


Spoiler warning for this part of the game. Don’t learn on till you might have completed all of the earlier chapters. The following part of the game begins after the farm.


Chapter 2 – Waking Up (1 Artifact)

The first and solely artifact in this chapter is found just before you enter The Tipsy Bison bar with Jesse. On the precise walkway, behind a truck stuffed with logs, you possibly can find the Volunteer Receipt doc.



Chapter 3 – The Overlook (1 Artifact)


Spoiler warning for this part of the game. Don’t learn on till you might have regained management of your character in this mission.

Finally while playing as this new character, you’ll attain a house. After crawling below some floorboards and killing the enemy, look to your left and hop into the second window of the house. Instantly in entrance of you, on the desk, you possibly can find the next Artifact.



Chapter 4 – Patrol (6 Artifacts)

The first artifact in this stage is found after you and Dina get on your horses for the second time. Dina will level out some homes you can climb into and scavenge. You want to head to the one on the left. Climb up and open the bedside drawer on the precise of the mattress to find the Artifact (A Notice To Santa) inside.




The next artifact isn’t found all of the way till you crawl below the truck and Dina saves you from the Contaminated. Head contained in the door on the back of the store and into the truck. On the cardboard box in the back of the truck, you possibly can find the Grocery store Apology Artifact.



The third artifact is found after leaping into the grocery store. Finally, you’ll have to squeeze by a spot with an Worker of the Month board on the opposite side. After squeezing by the hole, enter the door on your proper and look on the desk to the precise of the secure. Right here you possibly can find the Good Boy Combo Artifact, which comprises the answer to the secure mixture.




When you get to the library, you’ll need to interrupt a window to progress and enter Eugene’s workroom. As you exit that room and enter the children’s area of the library you’ll routinely pick up the next Artifact from the noticeboard, which is Eugene’s Firefly Pendant.


Instantly after the last collectible, you’ll enter the children’s area of the library. On the back is a mattress, with a bedside desk next to it. Open that drawer to find the Eugene’s Ultimatum Artifact.



Flip round from the earlier collectible and look on Eugene’s desk to find the Picture of Eugene and Tommy Artifact.


Chapter 7 – Packing Up (1 Artifact)


Spoiler warning for this half of the game. Don’t learn on till you attain the house back in Jackson.

After you might have arrived in the house, head upstairs to the bed room to work together with the crimson Shoebox. Doing so will allow you to pick up the next Artifact, which is unmissible and also occurs to be Joel’s Watch.

Seattle Day 1

Chapter 8 – The Gate (6 Artifacts)

When you and Dina have reached the freeway, she’s going to level out some trailers on the left. Get off of Shimmer and enter the trailer. Within the backroom, open the drawer in the corner to find the Map of Seattle Artifact.



Finally, you’ll attain a large gate which has some graffiti on it. To the left, you possibly can find a guard post’s trailer. Inside, sitting on a desk is the Artifact: Refugee Notice.



Proper behind that trailer, additional into the guard post, you possibly can find one other one. Sitting inside on the desk again is one other Artifact (Contaminated infographic).



The fourth doc is found after Ellie has climbed the wall and jumped over to the opposite side. Head contained in the guard tower and look instantly to your left to find a ladder going up. On the prime, you possibly can find the Isaac’s Orders Artifact.



From that last collectible, head downstairs and to the bottom stage. Enter the trailer in entrance of you by breaking the glass. Inside, in a drawer next to a keyboard, you possibly can find the Artifact entitled Checkpoint Gate Codes.



From that last artifact, head out the back of the trailer to find a generator. Choose up the cable. The goal right here is to purpose the cable above the trailer, in order that it lands by the gate on the opposite side. Stand just back from the generator and purpose on the location proven below.


Head back by the trailer and climb up the cable. On the roof, sitting on the chair, you possibly can find the Rooftop Notice Artifact.



Chapter 9 – Downtown Seattle (18 Artifacts)

Strap yourselves in as this area of the game is the most important in The Last of Us Part 2 and the amount of collectibles displays that. The first artifact (FEDRA Census Document) could be found in the guardpost’s drawer, proper after you dismount your horse and spot the Serevena Resort.


For the next collectibles, we are going to use our map to information the place to go. Head to the block alongside sixth Avenue, between Colombia Avenue and Cherry Avenue. This block represents a damaged building and in that building, you possibly can find a bag which holds the Cache Hunter Notice.



The next three artifacts are all found in Westlake Financial institution, which is just throughout from the damaged building above. From that block, head South by one block to the one alongside sixth Avenue, between Chery Avenue and James Avenue. Head contained in the bank by the opening in the building and make your way to the safety deposit box lockers. Work together with the bag on the floor to find the next Artifact (Financial institution Heist Plans).





From there, flip to your left and use the code from the artifact above to open the vault ’60-23-06′. On the desk, you possibly can find the Financial institution Robber Letter Artifact.


Subsequent, head to the back proper corner of the room to find a deposit locker you possibly can open. Inside is the Vintage Ring, which is from Uncharted 4.


The next artifact is found in the center block between Colombia Avenue and Cherry Avenue. This block comprises a tank and to the left of that tank is a corpse, with one other doc: Letter From Isaac.



The seventh artifact in this stage is found on the synagogue between Marion Avenue and Colombia Avenue. It is a obligatory location you’ll need to go to in the story. As you enter the gate, flip to your proper to find a ladder up to the guardpost. Within the first post’s drawer, you possibly can find the Emergency Protocols Memo Artifact.




The next artifact isn’t found till you might have progressed into the Synagogue. After you use the rope to jump over to the balcony to exit, enter the door on the finish of the balcony. Contained in the drawer of the desk is the Rabbi Saunders’ Letter Artifact.



The following artifact is found on the Northmost level of the area, proper in the centre of your map. You’ll come throughout a truck, with the phrase ‘Fascists’ written on the side caught in some water. Open up that back of the truck to find the Notice To Informant Document.



The next artifact is found alongside Madison street in the block closest to the main freeway. You’ll need to go round the back of the gray slate building and climb the steps to find a doc in a bag.




The next artifact is found on the Ruston Espresso Store, in the North of the area, alongside fifth Avenue. Break the window and enter the shop to find the WLF Secure Home Provide Notice Artifact on the counter.



Within the Ruston Espresso Store, you possibly can also find a key for Barko’s Pet Retailer in the bogs in the back which is one other artifact. Then, take that key and head to Barko’s, which is in the alleyway between fifth and sixth Avenue, North of Marion Avenue. Head upstairs, and as you enter the next room instantly look to your left to find the Be part of WLF Notice on the photocopier.



The next artifact is found alongside fifth Avenue Between Madison Avenue and Marion Avenue. This part has a checkpoint gate, which you’ll climb up to. After doing so, head to the second guardpost (the one closest to the availability tent) to find the Avenue Drawing Artifact.


The following artifact is found in the obligatory story location of the Courthouse. This area is unmissable. After getting into you’ll go down to a darkish tunnel with some practice gates. On the finish of this tunnel, you possibly can find the Plea To A Buddy Document next to the corpses.



From that last collectible, look to your left and smash the glass of the window. Enter the room and look in the submitting cupboard in the back corner. Right here you possibly can find the Checklist of Recognized WLF Agitators Artifact.


On to the precise of that collectible is a dead body. Seize the machete from it, to cause the Lt. Torres’ Last Memorandum Artifact to drop.


The final Artifact in this stage is all of the way on the Serevena Resort after you might have the gas and unlock the gate. Go to the upstairs floor of the lodge after which into the bed room. Observe it by to the connecting bed room after which look in the drawer beneath the TV find WLF Recruiter Journal.



Chapter 10 – Eastbrook Elementary (Three Artifacts)

The first two artifacts in this stage (Leah’s Notice and Leah’s {Photograph}) are routinely added to Ellie’s backpack after the cutscene ends.

The third artifact is found after most of the encounters and when you attain the roof. After killing the enemies up right here, you’ll need to head back inside to a small room. The artifact (Isaac’s Mandate) is found on the desk, next to the radio.



Chapter 11 – Capitol Hill (7 Artifacts)

After exiting the house, take the first proper and proceed down into the street. Finally, you’ll come throughout a brown, brick alleyway on your left. Head down this alleyway and into the open door on the precise. Go upstairs, kill the Contaminated Runner and enter the bed room with inexperienced partitions. Sitting on the mattress is the Chevy’s Apology Artifact.




The next artifact is found on the motel. To the precise is a block of white residences with a inexperienced dumpster next to it. Pull that dumpster out from behind the small blockade and place it against the wall beneath the white house with the open door. Climb up into the house and look in the drawer in the kitchen, next to the fridge to find the Raul’s Olive Department Artifact.



The third artifact in this stage is found whenever you arrive on the Gasoline Station with enemies patrolling. Reverse that Gasoline Station is a backdoor with a brown wall. Enter that door and take a left on the finish of the hall. Behind the counter, in the next room, is the Artifact entitled Rebecca’s Tip Off.



The next artifact is far additional into the chapter after you and Dina come throughout the three Contaminated and the explosive traps. Earlier than you slide down the mud, look to your proper and climb up the ladder to find the Tower Doodles Artifact on a box on the prime.



The next artifact is after you and Dina slide down the mud slope. Finally, you’ll come throughout a large mural on the wall. To the precise is a brown truck. Soar contained in the back of it to find the Artifact (Raul’s Account).



The sixth artifact is found in the tae-kwondo studio in the small street stuffed with explosive traps. Head to the back of the store, the hall that results in the kitchen, to find the Artifact (Fran’s Refusal) on the noticeboard.



Head back outside and into the shop throughout the street. Open the door on the back and look on the noticeboard to your proper to find the Thrift Retailer Reminder Artifact.



Chapter 12 – Channel 13 (1 Artifact)


Spoiler warning for this half of the game. Don’t learn on till you might have the cutscene the place Ellie and Dina find who they’re trying for on the highest floor.

The solely artifact in this chapter is on the prime of the station on the identical floor as the place you find Leah. Head into the room on the left and look by the sleeping bag on the sofa to find the Dad’s Pep Speak Artifact.



Chapter 13 – The Tunnels (5 Artifacts)

The first artifact in this stage is found after the encounter with each Contaminated and WLF troops. The room has flares scattered round it. After getting killed them, you’ll need to enter a set of practice carriages. Ignore the exit on the side and go all of the way to the tip of the carriages. It is a dead-end, however if you happen to flip round, you possibly can find the Subway Notice Artifact on the window with the railing.


A lot additional into the extent, after using the chain door, you’ll enter a tunnel. Enter the room with the blue door entitled ‘Lounge’. There are three Artifacts in right here. After getting into, instantly flip round to find the Whittled Statue Artifact.



Head to the other corner of the room to find the Soda Can Notice in the crimson merchandising machine, which you’ll gather by smashing the glass.


From there, instantly flip to your proper to find the Locker Room Notice on the desk.


The final artifact is found on the very finish of the extent. You’ll attain a metro station and after going by the first practice, climb the crimson merchandising machine which is turned on its side. Go into the practice car on your proper and look on the door on your proper as you enter. Pinned on the wall is the Subway Station Notice Artifact.



Chapter 14 – The Theater (Four Artifacts)

The first artifact (Program For Cassandra) is found on the bottom floor, to the left of the counter.


From that artifact, go up the steps and switch to your left. Sitting on the desk, next to the camp, is the Lone FEDRA Soldier Journal #1 Artifact.


Flip round and undergo the door next to the bar. Undergo the Projector Room door on your left to pick up the Lone FEDRA Soldier Journal #2 Artifact from the radio.



After ending every little thing in the higher half of the theater, you’ll need to head into the main auditorium. The final Artifact (The Sick Behavior Flyer/Set Checklist) is sitting on a black box on the stage.



Chapter 15 – The Birthday Present (1 Artifact)


Spoiler warning for this half of the game. Don’t learn on till you might have begun this chapter and completed the introductory cutscene which takes place after Ellie falls asleep in the theater.

This collectible comes very late in the extent after you might have been separated from Joel in the pure history half of the museum. Finally, you’ll come throughout a large round exhibit with a stag and a few wolves. Look to the left to find a quantity of connecting rooms. Proceed till you get to this crack in the wall, which you’ll crouch by. Within the next room, next to the butterfly exhibit, you possibly can find the Suicide Notice doc.




Seattle Day 2

Chapter 16 – Hillcrest (10 Artifacts)

The first artifact is found in the third building on the left, the Majestic Laundromat, in the first street (the place you begin the chapter). Break the glass and head to the backroom of the store to find the Be part of WLF Notice Artifact on the desk.



Subsequent, head to the second building on the righthand side of the street (Rosemont). Drop down by the outlet on the back of the store behind the cash register counter and look to the left of the workbench. Subsequent to the foldable mattress, on a small desk, is the Artifact (Boris’ Daughter Drawing).




The third artifact is found as soon as Ellie spots the truck using off in the distance. After leaping down, look to your left and head for the hole in the bushes. Use the dumpster to climb up to the shop and break the glass to enter. Inside, on the central counter, you possibly can find the Want A Plan Notice doc.




Head back to the main street and look in the shop to the left of the Ruston Espresso Store (Used & Uncommon Books). The Yolanda’s Notice Artifact is sitting on the cash register counter.



A lot later into the extent, you’ll use a dumpster to climb onto a storage. After hopping into the next building, look to your proper to find a small side room. On this room, on the desk, is the Condolence Notice Artifact.


After exiting the building above you’ll come throughout one other street with 4 shops and a bunch of enemies. After killing all of the enemies head into the first building on the left, Velvet Tattoo. Hop over the counter and into the back room to find the Artifact (Notice in Hillcrest Tattoo Parlour).



Now, head into the second building on the precise (Pet Boutique). Smash the windows on the back of the store to enter the employee-only washing area. Subsequent to the sink, you possibly can find the Artifact (Flip in Boris Notice).



From that artifact, go back into the main store and thru the damaged wall, which ends up in a pub/eating area. Go to the back to find a kitchen. Upon getting into, flip to your left to find the next artifact (Dale’s Combo).


The final two artifacts are in the house you enter after recognizing the black smoke and climb the fence into the back backyard. The first artifact (Boris’ Confession) is on the espresso desk in the lounge.


The second artifact in this house is Rosemont’s Flyer, which is on the small side desk to the left as you walk to the kitchen from the lounge.


Chapter 17 – Discovering Strings (1 Artifact)


Spoiler warning for this part of the game. Don’t learn on till you might have completed the introductory cutscene which occurs after the display screen cuts to black.

The artifact in this stage isn’t found till you attain the spore-infested area the place Joel tells you to place on your masks. After leaping into the first lodge’s bed room, squeeze by the hole in that room and head out of the door on your left. Take one other left and enter room 107. The Artifact (Tara’s Invitation) is sat on the toppled over closet proper in entrance of the place you enter.



Chapter 18 – The Seraphites (7 Artifacts)

The first artifact in this chapter is found in the first large street. Head to the left side of the street and enter the Kingsgate Brewing Co. building. After killing the Contaminated, one of the Runners will drop a doc which is the WLF Goal Checklist.



Subsequent, head to the precise corner of the street and go contained in the Convention Middle. Head into the elevator shaft on the back of the room and climb the ladder to the higher floor. Head to the box the place the rope begins and break the glass to your left. Throw the rope over the metallic beams so it will get caught on the corner. Soar to that rope after which to the balcony leading to the opposite room, which is blocked from the side you had been just on. The Last Letter to Husband Artifact is sitting in the room on the floor, in-between the 2 couches.




A bit of bit additional on you’ll pass by an underpass and find some white residences on the left. Use the truck in entrance of them to climb up to the second floor and jump to the balcony that connects to the window. Smash the glass, enter, and head to the bed room on the back. The Evacuation Letter Artifact is sitting on the kitchen desk.




Head out by the door and go to the room reverse. Work together with the workbench in the back to cause the enemies hiding to emerge and attack you. This may open the locked room in the house. Sitting proper next to the TV in this room is the WLF Deserter Letter Artifact.



The next artifact is found in the Backyard Suites 113 building, which is the one you enter after your first encounter with the Seraphites (Scars). You’ll make your way into some large residences upstairs, with room 201 being the place we are going to start. Soar out the window and go up the balcony staircase. Break the window to the house on this stage to find the Dying Husband’s Plea Artifact next to the corpse by the desk.



The next artifact is far later, after you fight the miniboss with the pickaxe. After going down a ladder and dropping into water Ellie will come back up to land. Within the distance, you possibly can see Weston’s Pharmacy. Observe the path up to it to find the Pharmacy Notice Artifact beneath the cash register, behind the counter.



The final artifact is contained in the hospital the place you might be looking for Nora. After clearing out the enemies on the bottom floor, you’ll need to go up some stairs to the second floor. After rising onto this floor, go into the first door on the precise. The Artifact (Hospital Provide Checklist) is on the countertop.



Seattle Day 3

Chapter 20 – Highway To Aquarium (Three Artifacts)

After you and Jesse go diving for the first time, you’ll come throughout a parking storage with contaminated on your left. Go all of the way to the back of the storage and climb onto the ramp via the car. Sitting on the edge of the damaged ramp is the Storage Notice Artifact.




The second artifact is found whenever you and Jesse drop into the darkish bookstore. Keep on the bottom floor and head to the far proper corner of the store, the corner furthest from the chain gate. On the desk in the children’s area is that Artifact (Bookstore Notice).


The following enemy encounter takes place in a large open area. As soon as they’re all dead, go into the Rachel’s Materials Retailer on the precise. Make you way up to the second floor to find the Textile Notice Artifact pinned between the 2 windows overlooking the combat enviornment.



Chapter 21 – The Flooded Metropolis (6 Artifacts)

The first artifact is found whenever you attain the locked chain gate. Earlier than opening it, flip to your left and go up the steps. Take one other left to find the Stash Notice doc sitting by the corpse.


The next artifact is found after Ellie’s boat stops working and also you pass the ‘Seattle Sleep Warehouse Building’. Simply after you trip over the fence you will note the Carthy Resort. Head inside to find the Shambler Notice Artifact on a corpse on the precise.



From the artifact above, proceed forward into the next area, the place enemies will probably be taking pictures. Ignore them and instead take your boat alongside the left side of the pond/lake. You should be driving behind the practice carriages and parking you boat by the land, the place the carriages cease. Make your way up the practice and throw the rope on the finish by the outlet in the roof, as a way to jump to it from the open carriage door. Climb the rope up to the roof of the practice carriage after which drop down by the opposite roof hatch. On the finish of this carriage is the Sniper’s Notice on the seat.





From there, kill all of the remaining enemies and make your way up the staircase to the left of the central building. As soon as on the prime, take a direct left and break the glass. Look to your left again to find the Artifact (Encampment Notice)



Proceed on till you attain the arcade and must get out of your boat. Look on the desk on the back of the seating area on the bottom floor to find the Arcade Flyer Artifact.


Lastly, after defeating the Contaminated in the room beneath the place the floor breaks, look in the back corner to find the Prize Zone. Open up the hatch and jump inside. Go up the steps and switch to your proper to enter the PC Cafe. In your left, you possibly can find the artifact (Arcade Notice) pinned on the wall.




Spoiler warning for this part of the game. Don’t learn on till you might have completed the introductory cutscene and gained management of your character.

Four Years Earlier

Chapter 23 – Monitoring Classes (Three Artifacts)

The first two collectibles (Owen’s Drawing of Abby and Thank You Card From Mel) are routinely in your inventory in the beginning of the chapter.

The third artifact is found after you walk by the park. In your proper, you’ll find a gazebo. Sitting on the bench in that gazebo is the Zoo Vacation Brochure Artifact.




Spoiler warning for this part of the game. Don’t learn on till you might have begun this chapter.

Seattle Day 1 (Abby)

After you and Mel have climbed to the roof of the warehouse and made it back down to floor stage with Manny, smash the windows and look in the brown trailer to the left. Right here you possibly can find the WLF Gun Cache Notice artifact by the door.



Chapter 26 – The Ahead Base (1 Artifact)

The solely artifact in this stage is if you find yourself contained in the building after talking with Nora. Proper as you enter, will probably be next to the brown box, beneath the image body on your proper.


Chapter 28 – Hostile Territory (12 Artifacts)

There’s an artifact you possibly can seize in the homes with Manny. Nevertheless, he’ll take it from you and it doesn’t depend to the general quantity.

Fairly early on into the extent you’ll come throughout a shop with the identify ‘Tang Fabrics & Imports’ on the side. Look to the building to the left and hop into the window. Inside, on the side, you possibly can find the Scar’s Suicide Notice Artifact.



Shortly after the earlier artifact, you’ll attain the Chinatown district. Head into the third shop on the left and climb up the steps. Crawl below the desk, kill the contaminated, and hop throughout the hole on the balcony. Go up the staircase to your proper to find the Artifact (Plea to Serpahite Prophet) on the skeleton.




From that collectible, head back to the place you jumped throughout and follow the hall to the tip. In your proper is a room with the artifact on the cardboard box to the precise.


From that doc undergo the door forward however don’t drop down the outlet. As a substitute, look to your proper to find the Unusual Relic Artifact on the desk, which is an easter egg from Jak and Daxter.


After you permit the Chinatown district you’ll come throughout a large mural in the back of a truck. There are six artifacts at this mural in the shape of scraps of paper. One of them is in the back of the truck, two are hanging from the left side of it, with one other on the bottom to the left of the truck. The final two are hanging from the precise side of the truck.








From that truck head into the building on the precise. The Artifact (WLF Soldier Meets Prophet Letter) is found on the counter.



After you battle the Seraphites (Scars) in the destroyed buildings, you’ll crawl below some rubble and attain a large open room overgrown with foliage. Flip to the left to find the artifact (Letter From Seraphite Father To Son) on the desk in the rooftop backyard.



Chapter 30 – The Forest (1 Artifact)

The solely artifact in this stage is found after the boss fight with the girl who stole your backpack. Finally, you’ll enter an auto shop. Head to the back of the room and undergo the door in the corner. Look on the desk to your left to find the Failed Truce Artifact.



Chapter 31 – The Coast (Three Artifacts)

The first artifact is found on the bottom floor of the cruise ship. As you enter from outside, take a proper in the hall after which one other proper into the room with beds. The artifact (Infirmary Notice) is on the mattress to the precise.



The second artifact is found on the bottom floor of the boat after you pick up the crossbow. Head to the tip of the hall on this floor to find the Mutiny Notice artifact sitting on the skeleton on the finish.



Now, make your way to the highest floor of the boat and go to the door on the back. Open the door to find the Ferry Log doc sitting by the skeleton in entrance of you.



Chapter 33 – The Shortcut (6 Artifacts)

The first Artifact (Amputation Provides) is routinely in your inventory on the start of the chapter.

The second artifact (Survivor Pleais found after you jump over the isles in the river. When you get throughout go up the steps in the building and check the room for a be aware on the floor.


After you jump from the freeway to the house balcony, look on the desk in the hallway for the third doc (Neighbor Trade).


Additional on you’ll jump over some isles again. When you enter the cellphone store ‘Interbay’ look in entrance of the cash register to find the Scavenging Checklist Artifact.



Additional into the extent, Lev will hop throughout some beams. Enter the crimson door on the left to find the Seraphite Truce Artifact on the desk.



After you’re taking the lengthy elevator trip to the highest there will probably be a be aware on the wall before you enter the first room.


Chapter 34 – The Descent (Three Artifacts)

Early on you’ll enter the ‘Orchards Juice Bar. On the pinboard, in the office behind the counter, you possibly can find the Fitness center Secure Code Artifact.



On the opposite side, you’ll enter the exit door. Abby will routinely pick this Artifact up upon squeezing by. It’s unmissable.

After you use the firehose to repel down. Look in the room on the precise to find the FEDRA Last Notice doc.



Chapter 35 – Floor Zero (5 Artifacts)

After you cut up up from Nora, walk to the next staircase. Earlier than you go down, crawl below the rubble into the darkish room on the precise. The Artifact (Annex Letter) is by the corpse.



Now, go down the staircase and drop down to the decrease floor. As you land there will probably be a revolving door with a corpse. The Soldier’s Letter doc is sitting in the bag next to the corpse.


From the last artifact, flip round and head into the Chapel. The Artifact (Chapel’s Notice) in on the central altar.



Progress forward by the yellow door and the quarantine tunnel. Within the following area, smash the windows of the second room on your proper. Inside, you possibly can find the Affected person’s Notice Artifact on the stretcher.



Shortly after, you’ll squeeze by a spot in-between two doorways leading to the surgical procedure area. The Artifact (Physician’s Notice) is in the 2nd room on the left, on the counter.


Seattle Day 3 (Abby)

Chapter 37 – The Marina (1 Artifact)

After going by some water, you’ll arrive at a pier. Stroll past the ladder and enter the shop on the precise on the finish. The Marina Notice Artifact is on the counter.



Chapter 38 – The Island (Four Artifacts)

The first artifact (WLF Scout Journal) is found after you climb the first ladder. Look to the precise to find it on a corpse.


After passing the waterfall you’ll come to a hut. Contained in the big one on the entrance, you possibly can find the Venison Distribution Notice Artifact on a desk.



The next artifact (Mournful Prayer Notice) is found after you see Isaac’s ship and pass the 2 enemies. In your proper, there will probably be a hut. Inside, you possibly can find it tucked on the precise side of the shrine.



Now, head to the hut reverse. On the mattress alongside the left, you possibly can find the final Artifact (Younger Seraphite’s Journal).



Spoiler warning for this part of the game. Don’t learn on till you get to the chapter after the farm.

Santa Barabara

Chapter 42 – 2425 Constance (1 Artifact)

As you walk down the street, you will note a cream/light inexperienced house on the left with some Contaminated. Head inside and look in the toilet to the left. Sitting on the bathroom is the artifact.



Chapter 43 – Pushing Inland (Three Artifacts)

The first artifact is found proper in the beginning of the extent. It’s to your left, contained in the boat.


After you climb over a fence and into the housing property, go contained in the storage of the first house on the precise. The Mansion Notice Artifact is in there.



When you attain the building with the Clicker on the roof, jump inside and head downstairs. The Runaway Warning Artifact is in the kitchen on the central counter.


Chapter 44 – The Resort (2 Artifacts)

The first artifact in this chapter is found after you undergo the practice carriage compartment and climb a ladder. You will notice some prisoners being escorted in the distance. Follow the left side as you jump down to find a blood path with a corpse. Subsequent to it’s the Artifact (Santa Barbara Slave Notice).



The final artifact in the game (Rattler’s Letter Residence) is found in the second large enemy encounter inside the resort. As you proceed alongside the story path you’ll attain a white spiral staircase on the left side of the room. Scale it and take a proper to find the Artifact on a nightstand, close to the mattress and lamp in the corner.


The Last of Us Part 2 is available now on PS4.

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