Twitch vows to investigate accusations of harassment and abuse from affiliated streamers

If you think that the gaming space includes a couple of a lot of people who need a lesson in appreciating others, this weekend won’ t have much to change your mind. After a weekend of discoveries, with several accusations of violent behavior against some really popular characters in the gaming market, Twitch has actually provided a declaration stating they will be “actively looking into” accounts of violent behavior by Twitch affiliated streamers.

Several accusations were made this weekend, all throughout the gaming market, declaring that popular characters on Twitch, Youtube, the gaming market, and the sports scene had actually all been verbally, mentally, or physically violent towards people in thepast It started on June 20 when claims were made against SayNoToRage, a Fate 2 banner. More accusations would then come out about Omeed Dariani, CEO of OPG, a group that represents creators in gaming.

Omeed Dariani has actually considering that stepped down, with a generalized declaration that admits to misdeed without entering into specifics. Several streamers and Youtubers have considering that left the management company, consisting of VohhCarnage, Strippin, and Towelliee. Even More accusations would follow against the likes of game designer Chris Avellone, gaming character ProSyndicate, and CSGO shoutcaster Henry “HenryG” Greeer Unfortunately, this is just a small sample of the people who have actually been implicated of violent behavior over the last 72 hours.

Accusations of misbehavior, abuse, bullying, and sexual harassment have actually ended up being embarrassingly prevalent in the gaming market, as numerous people look for to shine a light on the kind of behavior that public figures can get upto While whatever discussed in this short article is a claims till tested otherwise, it is good to see Twitch at least making a public declaration that lets people know they have the safety of their streamers in mind.

I was a VP at Twitch and I reported this to the relationship-owning VP, the head of HR, and the CEO. All ensured me it would be managed. Next year he was in the very same VIP space at the very same Twitchevent I was informed he was the VP’s uncle and an “important” effort launch partner.

— Justin Wong (@JustinWong) June 22, 2020

What exactly Twitch plans to do is currently unidentified, however the declaration is already being met with derision from those who feel Twitch has actually know of these issues for a while and failed to do anything about them.

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