How to play Ninjala story mode while servers are down

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Ninjala is struggling with its own appealagain Servers down are familiar to those from the beta days 2 monthsago As lots of fans grumble about the duplicated problems, others understood this also impacts the storymode Multiplayer may be down, and logic follows that players might just hop into the campaign mode to pass the time.

Players who purchased the first chapter found the very same error code preventing them from accessing thegame Attempt not to get too disappointed early, there is a way to enter into the story mode.

We have confirmed that currently, network instability has actually resulted in difficulty linking in some environments.
You will be able to play Story Load and Training if you change your setting to Plane Mode from the setting and introduce the game.
We ask forgiveness for the trouble.

— PlayNinjala (@playninjala) June 25, 2020

In a follow-up post, the developers acknowledged the issues and recommended players on how to reach the campaign mode while they fix the problem.

To play the campaign mode, players have to put their Nintendo Switch into aircraftmode To do this, close the game if you already have it open. From the Home Menu, go to System Settings on the Switch. Select Plane Mode. It is the second option under the System Health And Wellnessinformation Activate it and reboot the game.

Plane mode disables network interactions. There’s no way to fully disable the web on the Nintendo Switch, brief of disconnecting the home router, however that won’ t be popular with the rest of the family. Plane mode is the closest service to a true offlinemode It avoids the device from linking to the web and shuts off any interaction. Multiplayer will not be available during this time, and players may not see any system or game updates. Watch on Ninjala’s official pages for updates on server status if you choose to play in aircraft mode.

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