Ninjala servers down in less than an hour on release day

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The new bubblegum-ninja themed game had a hard time with its own appeal. Ninjala servers pertained to an abrupt stop thanks to the rise of fired upplayers The game had a comparable issue during the first beta test in April. After less than an hour, servers given in the weight of all the players excitedly attempting to access thegame The very same thing took place just 30 minutes into the full release.

Error codes afflicted players as they attempted to hop into a fastgame A Lot Of players make it past the tutorial and into the main menu selection to find they’re not able to join any other game mode. Others get stuck on a filling screen as the game tries to bootup One player on Twitter can’t even access the story mode without getting a code

On Ninjala’s official Twitter, the developers responded to the issues, specifying it is a result of network instability. While they have not stated it is the result of the rise of players the network is attempting to withstand, it is most likely the cause.

Notification: Access Failure
We have confirmed that currently, network instability has actually resulted in difficulty linking in some environments.

We say sorry to all Ninjala users for the trouble,

— PlayNinjala (@playninjala) June 25, 2020

It’s a familiar problem for betaplayers The game crashed under the weight of excited players in the early beta, requiring the developers to extend the beta’s minimal window to compensate for theissues Developers ignore the appeal of their game, and the servers suffer; as a result, additional delaying gameplay.

Ninjala developers updated with additional information The connection issues originate from the Space Battlefeature Developers encourage players to avoid getting in a Space Battle till it is solved.

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