What is Braindance in Cyberpunk 2077?

In the world of Cyberpunk 2077, Braindance is an intricate technological system that records somebody’s environments, body motion, words, and even feelings. It is then possible to playback these experiences for yourself, for a quick time living for yourself the memories of another individual. When Braindancing, you can modify a scene as you please, taking a look at closer information that the individual who initially experienced it would have missed out on.

The recording technology allows you to pick up all kinds of information that the individual will not have actually discovered, and Braindancers can then go through it with a fine-tooth comb, selecting up all the extra information that were formerly missed out on.

What is Braindance used for?

In the world of the game, Braindance is used to record movies and TELEVISION shows, individual blogging, tape-recording fully grown content, and just about every other type of home entertainment. Instead of just viewing a movie, you can experience it for yourself. Braindance is also used to treat people who are struggling with Cyberpsychosis, the loss of their human connection from the aggressive use of enhancements. People also use Braindance to experience illegal experiences, like another person being killed.

What will we do with it in the game?

https://www.youtube com/watch? v= KXXGS3MGCro

According to CD Projekt Red, Braindance in the game will be used as another tool that allows you to check out the world and discover more about the occupants. You will have the ability to experience parts of NPCs’ lives, finding out more about the people that you share the citywith They were a little cagey about information, however they did discuss there would be several ways to use it in the game, so it appears it will be part tradition and background story shipment service, part mechanic to help us solve in-game problems.

Is Braindancing like Netrunning?

Both systems in the world of Cyberpunk 2077 use really comparable technologies, however the distinction in between the 2 is that Netrunning takes place on the open Net, while Braindancing is a closed system that you experience alone.

I want to know more about Braindance tradition

In the tradition of Cyberpunk, Braindance was created by Yuriko Sujimoto at the University of Santa Cruz. She integrated Netrunning technology with feeling recording chips and a cybermodem to produce the first ARPR, or Alternative Reality Process Recorder. She was then able to experience her own memories as recordings.

While working in the chastening system, Yuriko found that potential advantages for the technology in the field of psychology. Things took a dark turn, as one of the earliest usages of the technology was to successfully abuse crooks into not reoffending.

After that, the technology multiplied into other fields, such as military use, home entertainment, and criminal activities. Ultimately, Braindance would end up being an easily available type of home entertainment and sensory experimentation that would be available to anyone who might manage it.

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