9 new movies you can watch now: Jon Stewart’s Irresistible and what’s new on Netflix

American movie theaters are still mainly closed, and they will likely remain that way for at least another month: even Christopher Nolan and Warner Bros. have actually caved and pressed the release date for the strange thriller Tenet back by another couple of weeks. Now it’s set up for an Aug. 12debut


While we wait, there’s more news regarding what’s in the pipeline: Aardman Studios announced that a Chicken Run follow up is in the works, more than twenty years after the movie’s preliminarydebut The new movie will pick up with the chickens following their escape from the chicken farm, and see them dealing with a new risk to their serene presence. Mel Gibson will not return as the voice of conceited rooster Rocky.

As far as role reprisals go, nevertheless, Michael Keaton may be returning as Batman, as he’s apparently in speak with join the upcoming Flashmovie The movie is expected to approximately follow the Flashpoint story arc, indicating that time travel and alternate timelines are in the works.

And as far as big changes are concerned, the trip Splash Mountain, based on the questionable 1946 Disney live- action/animation hybrid movie Song of the South, is being retooled to be based on 2009’s animated feature The Princess and the Frog. When those changes will occur, there’s no date set for exactly. for now, here are the new movies you can watch at home this weekend.


Where to watch it: Lease on digital $1999 on Amazon and Apple

rose byrne and steve carell in irresistible

Picture: Focus Features.

Jon Stewart’s new movie stars Steve Carell as a political strategist who, after seeing a viral video of a Wisconsin male (Chris Cooper) standing up for his town’s undocumented employees, chooses to turn the freshly minted star into the town’s mayor. The opposing party soon sends their own strategist (Rose Byrne) to attempt to hinder him. It’s amusing and earnest, however its take on American elections feels hopelessly out of step with this specific political minute. From our review:

Instead of affecting the strength of Chris Hegedus and D.A. Pennebaker’s famous doc The War Space, or providing the punchy breakdowns of The Big Short, Stewart focuses on the human aspect. Jack’s advocates are eccentric, the opposition is a caricature, and the media hyping up the showdown is the obstructiveenemy The option makes it one big sitcom (complete with Office-ready campaign operatives played by Topher Grace and Natasha Lyonne). Stewart plainly did his research– the movie feels like it’s being propped up by the last 3 years of Atlantic publication cover stories– however the message does not have any sense of bite or power.

My Spy

Where to watch it: Streaming on Amazon

chloe coleman and dave bautista in my spy

Picture: Amazon Studios.

It’s been clear considering that his turn as Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy that Dave Bautista has significant comical chops, and My Spy sees him taking on a leading role in acomedy Bautista stars as JJ, a recently worked with CIA operative who teams up with 9-year- old Sophie (Chloe Coleman) in his pursuit of an unlawful arms dealer after she catches him on the task.

House of Hummingbird

Where to watch it: Lease on digital $12 through digital cinemas

park ji-hoo in house of hummingbird

Picture: Well Go Home Entertainment.

House of Hummingbird is a slow-burn coming-of- age story, starring Park Ji-hoo as Eun-hee, a teen attempting to figure out who she is. As she roams through 1994 Seoul, Eun-hee battles to link with the people around her. A trigger lastly arrives in the kind of her therapeutic Chinese tutor Young-ji (Kim Sae-byuk), who appears to comprehend Eun-hee in a way that even her family does not.

Do the Right Thing

Where to watch it: Free to lease on Amazon and Apple

bill nunn in do the right thing

Picture: Universal Pictures.

Spike Lee’s 1989 work of art stars the director himself as Mookie, a pizza shipment male. The movie focuses on Mookie’s area, Bedford-Stuyvesant, and the racial stress in between its occupants and the regional pizzeria, run by Sal (Danny Aiello) and his unabashedly racist son Pino (John Turturro), which boil over on one especially hot, eventful day. With the movie being talked about again due to extensive stress and demonstrations over the latest series of police killings of unarmed black Americans, it’s been made free to stream via a range of platforms through June 29.


Where to watch it: Free to lease on Amazon, Google Play, and Apple

will smith as muhammad ali in ali

Picture: Sony Pictures Releasing.

Michael Mann’s Ali centers on 10 years in the life of famous fighter Muhammad Ali, depicted in the movie by Will Smith, from 1964 to1974 The movie covers his achievements in boxing (winning the heavyweight title from Sonny Liston, winning the Rumble in the Jungle fight against George Supervisor in 1974) along with his conversion to Islam and his criticism on the Vietnam War. It also touches on the political turmoil caused by the assassinations of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. The movie is free to lease through completion of June, as one of numerous movies studios are making available to highlight the experiences of Black Americans.

New on Netflix this weekend

  • Eric Andre’s new special Eric Andre: Legislate Whatever.
  • Documentary Professional athlete A.
  • No one Understands I’m Here, starring Jorge Garcia as a former kid star
  • Will Ferrell, Rachel McAdams, and Dan Stevens in Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga.

And here’s what dropped last Friday:


Where to watch it: Lease on digital for $4.99 on Amazon and $6.99 on Google Play and Apple

a young woman and a young man look at each other

Picture: IFC Movies.

Shannon Murphy’s Babyteeth stars Eliza Scanlen as a teen with an undefined kind of cancer, whose blossoming love with a 23-year- old overdue sends out ripples through her life. From our review:

Terminal teenagers have actually ended up being relatively common in modern young adult love, from The Fault in Our Stars (Shailene Woodley has cancer, falls in love with Ansel Elgort), to Me and Earl and the Dying Lady (Olivia Cooke has leukemia, falls in love with Thomas Mann), to 5 Feet Apart (Haley Lu Richardson and Cole Sprouse both have cystic fibrosis, fall in love with each other). Some movies, like Me and Earl and the Dying Lady, deal with terminal disease attentively, however numerous others use it entirely as a trick, glamorizing death and disregarding the real problems of illness. Babyteeth, directed by Shannon Murphy in her feature debut, serves as a breath of fresh air for the subgenre. The movie, which stars Eliza Scanlen as a teen with an undefined kind of cancer, strikes some foreseeable beats, however Rita Kalnejais’ script (based on her phase play of the very same name) and Murphy’s directorial voice make the story appear brand name new.

Miss Juneteenth

Where to watch it: Lease on digital $6.99 on Amazon, Google Play and Apple

nicole beharie in miss juneteenth

Picture: Vertical Home Entertainment.

Single mommy Blue-green Jones (Nicole Beharie) is a former beauty queen, as soon as crowned “Miss Juneteenth,” a title honoring the day slavery was eliminated in Texas. Now, she intends to make her 14-year- old daughter Kai (Alexis Chikaeze) the next Miss Juneteenth, regardless of the fact that Kai does not want to compete, in the hopes that winning will change Kai’s life where it failed to change her own.

You Should Have Left

Where to watch it: Lease on digital $1999 on Amazon, Google Play and Apple

kevin bacon in you should have left

Picture: Universal Pictures.

You Should Have Left stars Kevin Bacon as Theo Conroy, a male who chooses to reserve a holiday in the Welsh countryside in an effort to fix his marital relationship with his much more youthful spouse (Amanda Seyfried). The house they have actually selected to lease isn’t rather what it appears, as Theo begins to presume that there’s something supernatural at work within its walls. From our review:

[Writer-director David] Koepp’s new movie, You Should Have Left … isn’t one of his best, however it’s directly within his wheelhouse. It remembers Secret Window, another of his less effective efforts, in that the story includes mental secrets worsened by isolation, and it’s based on somebody else’s fiction. Secret Window was from a Stephen King novella; Left is obviously based on a whole novel, though the 92- minute movie feels like it might have been adjusted from a 25- page briefstory It draws out stress by clearly keeping information from the audience, despite the fact that the movie’s characters already know them.

The Brief History of the Long Roadway

Where to watch it: Lease on digital $3.99 on Amazon and Google Play, $4.99 on Apple

sabrina carpenter and steven ogg in the short history of the long road

Picture: FilmRise.

The only life the teenage Nola (Sabrina Carpenter) understands is strolling the U.S. with her father (Steven Ogg) in their Recreational Vehicle. When disaster strikes, Nola needs to fend for herself, and begins by setting out to find the mother she never ever understood, along with perhaps discovering a long-term home.

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