How to get scars in Sea of Thieves

Scars are a cosmetic item available for all pirate characters in Sea ofThieves They just provide a visual look and do not change the gameplay in way. Making them is a bit more complicated than simply buying them from the vanity chest and putting them on as if they were new weapon looks oroutfits When you complete the commendation, you can get the item from the vanity chest, and it should be available to you at nocost 2 of the 3 scars were available during limited-time events. Unless they end up being available to players again, you need to wait for a comparable event to release again.

There are 3 scars in Sea of Thieves, and you can open them by having access to the outfit set associated with them.

  • Bone Crusher Scars: The Bone Crusher outfit set was just available during the Cursed Sails update, which took place in August2018 You required to complete the 3 battles released at the time of the content update.
  • Forsaken Ashes Scars: You need to complete the Master Devil’s Voyager commendation, which is stillavailable To do this, you need to complete all of the Devil’s Voyager commendations, that include:
    • Making the Golden Devil’s Voyager commendation by completing the Devil’s Holler Trip 5 times for the Gold Hoarders
    • Making the Mystic Devil’s Voyager commendation by completing the Devil’s Holler Trip 5 times for the Order of Souls
  • Shark Bitemark Scars: You might earn these scars during The Hungering Deep event, which took place from May 28 to June 13,2018 You required to defeat The Hungering One, and after that speak to Merrick.

While these are the only available scars released at this time, more should be available in the future following extra updates. The Forsaken Ashes Scars is the only one players can earn at any time of their leisure.

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