Where to find a portable upgrade bench in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3

Fortnite’s 13.20 update has made a extremely fascinating change to the game, presenting portable upgrade benches. You can now find upgrade benches from chests, or just lying on the ground as standard loot. You can throw them, and they will make a fully practical workbench, enabling you to upgrade or sidegrade your weapons.

https://www.youtube com/watch? v= OaYUvOZ1NAM

You can also break down upgrade benches using your harvesting tool. They have 400 health, and after they are broken down they can be chosen up and put in yourinventory There does not appear to be a limitation on how lots of times you can break down and after that recycle the exact same upgrade bench, so as soon as you have one in your inventory you should begood Essentially, any upgrade bench in the game now appears to be portable, you can just break them down with your harvesting tool and bring it with you.

They do take a couple of seconds to build after you throw them, so make sure there are no enemies around before you commit to updating your weapons. This change does switch up the vibrant of weapon upgrade or side grading in thegame You know longer need to plan a path to an upgrade bench when you want to do it, and can just break down the first one you stumble upon and bring it with you for the entiregame It also makes the recognized upgrade benches less trustworthy, as another player may have made off with it before you can arrive.

The final thing of note about the upgrade bench is that if you throw it at your own feet, and do not actually have any space around you, you will get caught in the upgrade bench, and will need to break it down before you can move on.

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