Clueless, Panic Room, and the best movies we watched this weekend

The quarantines and business shutdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic have actually had a lot of significant impacts on countries around the world, however one of the numerous matching minor impacts is the way it’s even additional splintered the home entertainment landscape. With significant new theatrical releases on hold, some audiences are looking for new streaming launches to enjoy together, and some creators have actually been throwing online seeing celebrations as social outlets. If social media is any indicator, a terrible lot of people are just playing catchup, diving deep into the streaming libraries of services they already have.

That describes the diverse nature of this week’s “what we watched this weekend” installment, which looks into Netflix, Requirement, and online video leasings, and is all over the place in terms of period and tone. Today also highlights the watching project that led one Polygon author to enjoy David Fincher’s Panic Room for the first time– a targeted effort to work through a single director’s whole output. A lot of people appear to be taking this time far from theaters, bars, dining establishments, and other social activities to create individual tasks for themselves, and a David Fincher project is definitely a rewarding one.

Panic Room wasn’t the just thing those of us at Polygon watched thisweekend Below, we have actually gathered our other favorite choices, so that you can enjoy them together withus Be sure to let us know in the remarks what you delighted in over the weekend, too.

Blue Steel

Jamie Lee Curtis, in police uniform and white gloves, takes an oath in a group of other police in Blue Steel.

Picture: MGM Home Home Entertainment.

Submit Kathryn Bigelow’s 3rd feature (after The Loveless and Near Dark) under the cinematic classification of “fascinating mess.” The authorities drama stars Jamie Lee Curtis as Megan Turner, an NYPD patrol officer who weapons down a benefit-store burglar on her 3rd day on the task. Seen in America’s current environment, the occurrence is a stunning screen of authorities cruelty, however Bigelow isn’t examining that issue, or operating in that environment. After a slap on the wrist, Megan’s problem is that she’s a female working in a world with zero regard for a female police officer.

When a vicious stock-broker weirdo (Ron Silver) makes off from the scene of the crime with the burglar’s gun, Megan comes under fire from male superiors who do not trust her. When the vicious stock-broker weirdo goes on a murder streak with the missing out on weapon, Megan ends up being a suspect, not a key detective. When she unintentionally begins dating the vicious stock-broker weirdo, then finds the truth behind his serial-killer ways, her fellow police officers safeguard the guy– after all, why would a financing brother kill random people?

The response, in an unanticipated twist, is close to lycanthropy. The second half of the movie rotates to a slasher ambiance, and Silver, who at one point showers in a victim’s blood, goes full were-bro. Bigelow’s movie begins like a sketch of her later movie Zero Dark Thirty, spirals into a category workout like her earlier movie Near Dark, and in the current political context, ends up being completely strange.– Matt Patches

Blue Steel is streaming for free on Tubi TV.

The Emperor’s New Groove

pacha and kuzco swinging from a vine

Image: Walt Disney Animation.

I had a thousand things I should have watched this weekend, for upcoming work tasks or just to capitalize of the ton of movies streaming free today from business leaping on the Black Lives Matter wave. What did I do instead? Motivated by Petrana’s mind-blowing column on the strange history of Disney’s comedy The Emperor’s New Groove, I re-watched thatinstead It was one of those “I can’t quite remember how that movie started, but it’s streaming, I’ll just watch the opening” poor-impulse-control decisions, that so typically end with, “Oh, guess I watched the whole thing.” However I have no remorses.

I keep in mind actually doing not like this movie when it first came out– I was constantly hoping for more major adult animation back then, and this movie just appeared unimportant and silly. Turns out it is unimportant and silly, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. The comic timing in Emperor’s New Groove is aces, the surreal comedy is unanticipated, and all moves along at an unbeatably careless, wildpace Enjoyable things for light weekend satisfaction.– Tasha Robinson

The Emperor’s New Groove is streaming on Disney Plus and rentable on services like Amazon.

Development for Damage

A shadowy form climbs out of a strange underwater conveyance into a seabed full of corals and starfish in Invention For Destruction.

Picture: The Requirement Collection.

My favorite video game of 2018 was Return of the Obra Dinn, a time-bending adventure set in 1807 on a ship of the East India Company. Creator Lucas Pope designed a visual filter that allows the game to look like the 1-bit, fixed graphics of early Macintosh computer systems, now set in movement. This weekend, I found a movie on the Requirement Channel that achieves something likewise magnificent, to great effect: Development for Damage, Karel Zeman’s extremely loose adjustment of the works of Jules Verne.

This 1958 movie blends live- action stars with animated sets to produce a movie that looks like a living Victorian line inscription. Like Person Maddin’s work, it records an earlier period while also being noticeably modern-day. It’s a disorienting experience made all the much better by the almost lots special features available on the service, discussing how and why this movie wasmade When I first saw Return of the Obra Dinn, I could not picture a precedent, however sure enough, 60 years previously, an artist was exploring with some of the very same concepts, discovering something new within the old.– Chris Plante

Development for Damage is streaming on Criterion Channel.

Panic Room

Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart huddle on a green blanket while watching a wall of screens in Panic Room.

Picture: Columbia Pictures.

My husband and I have actually selected up a new quarantine activity– making our way through a director’s filmography in chronological order. We began with David Fincher, given that he’s a big blind area for me. Far this experiment has actually taught me 3 things: 1) Fight Club is a quite good movie that college young boys destroyed by believing it’s deep, 2) Brad Pitt is one of our weirdest stars, which we forget since he’s so quite, and 3) Panic Room definitely rules.

It’s genuinely a pity that it’s taken me 18 years to enjoy Panic Room, given that it’s basically Home Alone (my favorite movie) for grown-ups. (Forest Whitaker even referrals Joe Pesci’s renowned role as one of the outlaws.) Jodie Foster and a tweenaged Kristen Stewart star as a mother and daughter who need to deal with armed burglars in their New york city City brownstone on their first night living there. They pull back to the home’s built-in panic room, and a deadly game of feline-and- mouse occurs. Not just does this provide plenty of chances for the characters to state the name of the movie– constantly a pleasure– it also puts an enjoyable twist on the home-invasion thriller, specifically as it ends up being clear that the burglars (Whitaker, Jared Leto, and Dwight Yoakam) know everything about the house’s peculiarities.

This kind of mid-budget, date-movie thriller saw a boom from the late ’90 s to early 2000 s (see also: Memento, Kiss the Women, Fincher’s own The Game), however it isn’t viewed as typically nowadays, which is a pity, since this kind of movie is a lot of enjoyable when succeeded. We’re on to Zodiac next, and while I’m looking forward to Mark Ruffalo and Jake Gyllenhaal in ’70 s costumes, I do not believe they’ll top Panic Room.– Emily Heller

Panic Room is streaming on fuboTV, DirecTV, and Showtime.


Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash, and Brittany Murphy pose in a hug in Clueless.

Picture: Paramount Pictures.

There’s never ever a bad time to enjoy Clueless, since it’s an idealmovie When I watched it this weekend, I recognized that if Paul Rudd’s character had no dialogue at all, his smile would still be sufficient to still make the movie work. Seriously, look how captivating it is:

Anyhow, if you want to feel much better about life in general, watch Clueless.– Austen Goslin

Clueless is streaming onNetflix


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