DayZ Update 1.16 – Live Patch Notes 1.08 on June 30

Bohemia Interactive will release Update 1.08 for DayZ today. We have all the information for this live update on June 30 th.

DayZ Update 1.16/ 1.08 will be available for download throughout the day for all platforms. The size of the download is not understood to us at the minute.

Today’s update adds some new content, fixes lots of bugs in the game, and changes are made.

DayZ Update 1.08/ PS4 Patch 1.16


  • Added: Sporter 22 and its accessories
  • Added: Lighter
  • Added: Fry Pan
  • Added: Direct cooking slots on the oven and indoor range (allows to place both pots/pans or food directly)
  • Added: Cooking equipment, kindling and fire fuel can now be used to create a fireplace at the indoor range or fireplace
  • Added: Items can now be connected directly to the fireplace
  • Added: Interactive indoor range
  • Added: SKVSCh Biatlon Arena location to Chernarus
  • Added: Saint Roman ski resort location to Chernarus
  • Added: New car wrecks on Chernarus, spawning vehicle parts
  • Added: Character sounds for running out of breath
  • Added: Storage containers (barrels, crates, chests,.) can now be destroyed by surges, shooting and melee damage
  • Added: Watchtowers, camping tents and fences can be destroyed by surges, shooting and melee damage
  • Added: Watchtowers, camping tents and fences can be fixed using tools and materials
  • Added: Destroyed camping tents and containers will drop their contents onto the ground
  • Added: Canopy Camping Tent along with color variations
  • Added: Color variations for the Medium Camping Tent
  • Added: Server information in the In- Game menu (PC– can be changed off in the options menu)
  • Added: Ability to pull dead bodies out of vehicles


  • Fixed: A game crash related to base building
  • Fixed: Server errors related to throwing
  • Fixed: A number of optimizations when it comes to building crashes
  • Fixed: A number of map issues on Chernarus and Livonia
  • Fixed: A make use of to look through walls abusing the compass
  • Fixed: Packing internal publications of weapons did not work throughout several stacks of ammo
  • Fixed: No sound was played when skinning something with the machete
  • Fixed: Canteens and bottles are now spawning with random quantities of water in them
  • Fixed: Sounds weren’t played when filling up a bottle or canteen at a well, lake or filling station
  • Fixed: Rearranging the cable television reel might break the hand slot and cause desynchronization
  • Fixed: The flashbang might cause a long-term Ringing in the ears effect when hit by several flashbangs in brief succession
  • Fixed: The windows of the large camping tent might not be communicated with when the camouflage net was connected
  • Fixed: Changing to a heavy item while in throwing position might freeze the character
  • Fixed: The character was not required to stand up when changing from a one- handed to a heavy item in hands, triggering animation problems
  • Fixed: Cultivation: Water/Plant/Fertilize actions would still be revealed after they were already carried out
  • Fixed: Refilling instantly after shooting with the Repeater would often not work
  • Fixed: Beginning to shoot during gun melee might cause incredibly fast firing
  • Fixed: When waking up from unconsciousness in a car, the player might be teleported to an undefined location
  • Fixed: Characters had actually lost items in hand and were stuck in sitting position after ending up being unconscious while getting in a vehicle
  • Fixed: It was possible to drive a car with a dead battery
  • Fixed: The player can now get rid of car accessories while another player is sitting in the vehicle
  • Fixed: It was possible to get out of vehicles too near walls
  • Fixed: A hopping character was not able to enter the shooting gallery in theme park
  • Fixed: Swapping light and heavy items while vulnerable might problem animations
  • Fixed: It was possible to light a fire with an empty matchbox
  • Fixed: Attempting to chamber an already packed weapon might break the weapon
  • Fixed: Rotation of human meat when connected on the long stick
  • Fixed: Changing your item in hands while positioning would create false holograms
  • Fixed: Some ecological actions might be triggered regardless of height distinction
  • Fixed: The fireplace might be fired up under water
  • Fixed: Igniting kindling would create the resulting fireplace right under the player
  • Fixed: It was possible to destroy the barrel fireplace by using bury ashes action
  • Fixed: Burying ashes was possible on concrete surface areas
  • Fixed: Fireplace impacts (particles, sounds) were not cleaned up on customers when the fireplace leaves the network bubble
  • Fixed: Water boiling impacts were stuck on the cooking pot, even when water boiled off
  • Fixed: Cooking equipment impacts existed even when the fireplace went out
  • Fixed: Damage materials for barrels and fire barrels were not used appropriately
  • Fixed: Watchtower leading roofing did not have crashes
  • Fixed: Items might not be positioned on the upper watchtower levels
  • Fixed: The watchtower was not producing the best step sounds
  • Fixed: When a gate with barbed wire connected was opened, the damage would still be used at its original position
  • Fixed: Destroyed Barbed Wire might be installed on a fence
  • Fixed: Traps are now also triggered by animals and contaminated
  • Fixed: Sun shaft effect was not present over the course of the day
  • Fixed: Character desynchronization when a player would log in near a player who is taking an item into hands at that minute
  • Fixed: It was not possible to take an item from the hands of a dead player
  • Fixed: After dedicating suicide, the tools used was desynchronized and might not be communicated with
  • Fixed: A number of synchronization issues related to the inventory, Quickbar and slot booking
  • Fixed: A number of character issues when going unconscious while swimming
  • Fixed: Issues with the ladder in the lighthouse
  • Fixed: The character might get stuck in the climbing up animation when trying to leave the ladder (,
  • Fixed: The contaminated would not follow the player on the harbor pier
  • Fixed: Faulty hit registration when striking several parts within the very same damage zone
  • Fixed: The player had the ability to open their inventory during the surrender gesture
  • Fixed: Dried zucchini was missing out on textures
  • Fixed: A number of localization issues
  • Fixed: Heavy items might be stacked to drift in the air


  • Changed: Hold breath sway pattern behavior
  • Changed: Hold breath stamina intake is now non- linear
  • Changed: Fireplace ignition action won’ t show up if the conditions to light a fire are not met (windy or too damp)
  • Changed: Fireplaces under outside roofings will overlook rain and wind aspects
  • Changed: The stone oven is unsusceptible to rain and wind impacts
  • Changed: Items in fireplace freight will get harmed and ultimately removed when fireplace burns
  • Changed: The fireplace stone circle is no longer built instantly and also can not be brought with stones connected
  • Changed: Fireplace bark slots combined into one bark slot
  • Changed: The fireplace with a stone circle has a life time of 2 days, the stone oven lasts 7 days (revitalized by engaging with it)
  • Changed: Reduced fireplace tripod inventory size and visuals
  • Changed: The barrel fireplace can be fired up anywhere other than in water, however can splash when it is drizzling
  • Changed: The fireplace barrel can now be brought after the fire went out (can be brought with ashes)
  • Changed: Camping Tent windows, walls and windows have their state consistent over server reboots
  • Changed: barrels and fire barrels have their cover state consistent over server reboots
  • Changed: Dividing 1 large stone produces 3 small stones
  • Changed: Wringing out clothes now dries clothes quicker (one level per circle)
  • Changed: Bark needs less size in the inventory
  • Changed: Wood Crates can now be taken apart
  • Changed: Destroyed items can not receive accessories or items into their freight
  • Changed: Mix of items also determine health of the final stack
  • Changed: Improved vehicle stability in closed areas during the spawn (server reboot)
  • Changed: Vehicle brake power is now increased over time instead of immediately
  • Changed: It should now be easier to find action- widgets on base building things
  • Changed: Disabled the crafting of the spear for now
  • Changed: The temperature level tool- pointer label no longer shows the precise temperature level in the inventory (rounding used)
  • Changed: The escape menu no longer opens instantly after death in multiplayer
  • Changed: When a player knows of their own blood type, it gets instantly added to blood bags the player fills with his own blood
  • Changed: Performance optimization for the Watchtower
  • Changed: The wood logs of the fence/watchtower base can be taken apart regardless of the direction
  • Changed: The destroy action has actually been disabled on all appropriate tools since of balance factors (however remains practical for modding)
  • Changed: Barbed wire accessory slots for the Fence and Watchtower were relocated to the material stack inside (instead of left outside)
  • Changed: Updated the textures of a number of farm/industrial things (much better resolution and visuals)
  • Changed: Rain drop sounds are now played on player-made camping tents
  • Modified: The fireplace can not be fired up in interior space with a ceiling height of below 5 meters
  • Modified: Fireplace worths for ignition, heating, cooling, fuel intake
  • Modified: Fireplace things (other than fire barrel) are now unbreakable (to be taken on in a future update)
  • Tweaked: The Stone Oven needs 16 large stones to be built, the stone circle 8
  • Tweaked: When creating the Stone Oven, the opening now deals with the player
  • Modified: Crafting of the fireplace barrel takes longer and harms the knife more
  • Modified: Reduced the inventory size of lard
  • Modified: Reduced the inventory size of small stones
  • Tweaked: It was possible to break down the ash tree like a regular bush
  • Modified: Plum and Pear can now be connected to the long stick
  • Tweaked: Increased crafting cost of the Wood Cage
  • Tweaked: Particles for boiling water are now raising slower and less vertical
  • Modified: Cooking on the long stick is now disabled for the barrel fireplace (new direct cooking slots on top of the barrel are available instead)
  • Tweaked: Particles of the indoor fireplace (mostly to attend to clipping with environments)
  • Modified: Crashes on fence/watchtower lower walls, making the shooting/aiming behind them easier
  • Tweaked: mix lock will drop when vital parts of eviction are destroyed
  • Modified: The player swings the carp now when assaulting with it
  • Modified: Improved texture compression for reduced file size
  • Tweaked: Reduced noise of the MKII
  • Modified: Crashes of the medium camping tent (to allow easier entryway and leaving)
  • Removed: Accessories slot for books in the fireplace inventory
  • Removed: Phony inventory accessory slot for the extra wheel in the Olga 24
  • Removed: Stacking of small and large stones outside of the fireplace

Source: Bohemia

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