How to increase bond with Public Teams in Fallout 76

When organized with other players in Fallout 76 through the Public Teams feature, you and your colleagues will progressively build a bond together. It’s the blue bar that you see passively going up together with all of your names on the left-side part of your screen where you can see their names. By having a higher bond level, everybody in the Public Team gain from more considerable passive enthusiasts based on the team’s activity.

The bond meter passively goes up the more time you spend while in a group with your colleagues and spending time one another. You can receive the maximum advantages by being in a fully bonded Public Team by filling all 4 of the available party member slots and filling each of their bonds. Each of the various focuses your Public Team can have on offers you and your team a various passive enthusiast.

  • Searching — Bonus: +25 percent XP for Legendary Kills (100 percent for a fully bonded team)
  • Roleplay — Bonus: +1 Charm (+4 for a fully bonded team)
  • Events — Bonus: +25 percent XP for completing Events (100 percent for a fully bonded team)
  • Expedition — Bonus: +1 Stamina (+4 for a fully bonded team)
  • Building — Bonus: +1 Intelligence (+4 for a fully bonded team)
  • Casual — Bonus: +1 Luck (+4 for a fully bonded team)

You and your Public Team can just have one of these focuses active at a time. When changing in between available activities, you can switch in between to give yourselves the best results. It should not take you and your colleagues excessive time to acquire a maximumbond The procedure should take less than 10 minutes while in a group playing the game together.

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