How to start the Jungle Awakens DLC for Minecraft Dungeons

Jungle Awakens is now available for Minecraft Dungeons owners if they purchased the DLC by having access to the Hero Version or making a differentpurchase The new DLC adds a brand name new region to the game, and has a rigorous focus on the jungle biome, including new monsters, ocelots, and the whip. You will need to technique the table at the center of your camp like you would for any othermission From there, you want to move down to the bottom of the map and look for the part the says Travel to Island Worlds. The Island Realms is where all of the DLC locations will be for MinecraftDungeons You can click the Island Worlds tab at the top of the map.

When you click the Island Worlds, you instantly zoom in on the Sneaking Winter Season DLC, which is locked. If you scroll to the left on your map you will see that the Jungle Awakens region is to the left of it, and the first mission available to it is the Dingy Jungle. Click on that region and you will be able to choose what difficulty you want to play the mission on, much like you would the conventional ones.

When you want to return to the mainland islands in Minecraft Dungeons, scroll below the Jungle island and click on the blue sphere, much like you did to travel to the DLCregion The leading tab also works to switch in between the 2 locations.

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