Is Fortnite getting a Captain America skin?

The talk of the Fortnite town today is that there may be a Captain America skin pertaining to thegame After the 13.20 update landed, data miners got busy digging through whatever and Hypex sent out out a tweet to state that there would be a Captain America skin available as a surprise for the 4th of July.

Captain America is the July fourth surprise skin!

— HYPEX (@HYPEX) June 30, 2020

Data miners have not handled to come up with any images of the skin yet, however it would appear that the skin will arrive in the game around July 4. Even more intriguing, we will obviously have the ability to use Cap’s shield as both a backbling and a collecting tool.

So, at the minute whatever is mainly own to datamined information, and absolutely nothing has actually been confirmed by Epic, however it definitely appears that a Captain America skin is on the way to thegame Fortnite already has plenty of Avenger skins, with Thor, Hawkeye, and Blackwidow all in thegame There are other Marvel characters in there also, like Deadpool and Cable Television.

What makes this truly intriguing is that they will have a Marvel skin in the item shop while they have continuous challenges to open the DC character Aquaman. Fortnite has actually definitely ended up being a really intriguing place over the years, as I can not believe of another game where Batman, Jon Wick, Kylo Ren, and ideally Captain America have actually all had the ability to hit each other with a banana on a stick.

It would appear that Captain America will end up in the item shop, instead of a challenge skin, so we presume the cost will have to do with 1500 V-Bucks if previous patterns are anything to go on.

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