What’s in the July 2020 Gold Pass in Clash of Clans?

We are securely into the Summertime, which indicates sunlight and feel-good vibes. As July begins, so does a brand name new Clash of Clans Gold Pass, and with it the guarantee of a number of wonderful goodies that will leave any excited Clash of Clans player with more resources than you can shake a stick at.

As typical, the Gold Pass provides a tremendous 20% off perpetuity and money required for the building and updating of your towns, training and queuing soldiers to send out into battle, and research for your army to make them even more powerful. Not just this, however all contributions cost just one gem, suggesting that you do not need to splash out on town resources to provide everybody in your Clan with inexpensive Electro Dragons.

At just $4.99, it’s still wonderful worth for money, though for those that are not interested in purchasing the pass, there is a free pass that will provide free Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir over both of your towns, in addition to the periodic potion. This month sees lots of potions used up early in the free pass, a great chance to fill up cure-all stocks.

This month’s skin from completing the battle pass comes in the kind of the Gladiator Warden skin, clothed in a breastplate, and a pike compared to his typical bathrobe and personnel. Whether this will begin a new set, we will need to see and wait.

https://www.youtube com/watch? v= gTXtzQ7v6Qg

Here’s what’s in the Gold Pass for July 2020 in Clash of Clans.


Challenge Points Free Pass Gold Pass
40 1 Gem Contributions
80 Power Potion 10% Training Boost (decreases cost training time by 10%)
120 10% Research Boost (decreases cost and Lab research time by 10%)
160 Hero Potion 10% Home Builder Boost (decreases building upgrade time and cost by 10%)
200 Book of Building
260 Training Potion Book of Spells
320 Book of Fighting
380 5,000 Dark Elixir Shovel of Barriers
440 Larger Season Bank (boosts to 10 m Gold & & Elixir,100 k Dark Elixir)
500 500,000 Elixir 6x Wall Ring
580 Hero Potion
660 500,000Gold Power Potion
740 Research Potion
820 10,000 Dark Elixir 15% Training(******************************************************************************************** )( increased from10%)
900 Larger Season Bank( boosts to15 mGold & Elixir,150 k Dark Elixir)
980 1, 000,000 Elixir 15% ResearchBoost( increased from10%)
1060 15% Home BuilderBoost( increased from10%)
1140 1,000,000Gold Home Builder Potion(************* )
1220 2x Training Potion
1300 15,000 Dark Elixir Larger Season Bank( boosts to20 mGold & Elixir,200 k Dark Elixir)
1400 6x Wall Ring
1500 1,500,000 Elixir 20% TrainingBoost( increased from15%)
1600 20% Research Boost (increased from 15%)
1700 1,(******************************************** ),000Gold 20 % Home BuilderBoost( increased from15 %)
1850 Larger Season Bank( boosts to25 mGold & Elixir,250 k Dark Elixir)
2000 1,000,000 Home BuilderGold Rune of Home Builder Gold
2150 Runeof Home Builder Elixir
2300 1,000, 000 Dark Elixir Rune ofGold
2450 Rune of Dark Elixir
2600 Book of Heroes Opens the Gladiator Warden Skin


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