Minecraft Dungeons Update 1.03 Patch Notes on July 1

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Mojang Studios released a new update for Minecraft dungeons today. We have the full patch notes for the July 1st update.

The Minecraft Dungeons Update 1.03 can now be downloaded for all platforms. You need to download 321 MB on the PS4, the size of the download may differ depending on the platform.

Minecraft Dungeons Patch Notes 1.03/

New Features:

  • Jungle Awakens.
    • The first DLC pack, Jungle Awakens, is available for purchase digitally on Windows, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation ™ 4
    • A source of incredible power has crash- landed amongst the twisting vines of a far-off, harmful jungle. This strange power has actually spread its impact through repellent vines, and now new fears bloom– such as the Leapleaf and Whisperer
    • Trek through 3 new missions that will take you to the heart of the jungle where you’ll find new weapons, armor, and artifacts. This journey is implied for the bravest of heroes, for all twisted vines and courses lead to the source of corruption: The Jungle Abomination. This monster should be dealt with to bring back balance to the jungle, so strike true and move quickly
    • This pack is also available for players who have already purchased Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition or the Hero Pass Upgrade.
  • Lower Temple.
    • All players will have the ability to open this new secret mission and find new loot!
  • News.
    • The latest news for Minecraft Dungeons is now revealed in the main menu.


  • Obsidian Peak.
    • Reduced minimum hazard level from V to IV to make the boss less tough to beat (letting more players unlock Adventure mode)
  • Soul Siphon.
    • Made each soul gathered regard your soul collect bonus
    • Reduced amount of souls per pop a little
    • Reduced chance a little
  • Exploding.
    • Increased surge radius by 50%
  • Fire Element.
  • Poison Cloud.
  • Roaring.
  • Animals.
    • Half HP
    • 50% damage decrease
    • Increased attack damage 10%
  • Llama.
    • Increased attack speed 15%
  • Iron Golem.
  • Wolf.
    • Increased motion speed 15%
  • Life Steal Aura.
    • Increased life take 3% -> > 6%
    • Topped the damage on which life-steal is based to the real health of the target
  • Brilliance.
    • Reduced brilliance melee range to 750 (like varied)
    • Fixed issue triggering brilliance heal amount to scale twice as much as it should (efficient decrease at Armageddon -50%)
    • Increased brilliance varied trigger chance to 20% -> > 50%
  • Leeching.
    • Increased recovery 4/6/8% -> > 5/7/9%
  • Shockwave.
    • Increased damage 20 -> > 35
    • Increased projectile base speed by 13%
    • Fixed missing inform
  • Snowing.
    • Reduced stun period of snowball 3s -> > twos
  • Health/Speed Synergy.
      When it is triggered


    • Synergy now activates on Lightning Rod and Corrupted Beacon.
  • Soul Speed.
    • Max stack reduced from 100 to 5
    • Increased speed bonus from 1% to 5%
    • Increased period from 2,3,4, to 3,5,7 seconds
    • Removed soul-amount multiplier for the speed bonus on gathered soul (each visual soul == one stack)
  • Anima Avenue.
    • Removed soul amount multiplier on soul collection
    • Increased effect from 1/ 2/3% to 2/4/6% per visual soul gathered
    • Now activates on any kill source
  • Soul Event.
    • Reduced Soul Event on all gear 2->>1
    • Soul Event is now gathered from all gear no matter what kind of kill it is
    • All soul themed magics now give +1 Soul Event (added bullet indicate UI)
    • All soul themed irreversible magics now increase the item’s natural soul event
    • Increased soul bar max souls 50 -> > 300
    • When you have too little souls


    • Added error feedback to soul bar.
  • Soul Knife.
  • Soul Scythe.
    • Increased range by about 20%
    • Increased damage by 35%
    • Increased splash multiplier 0.4 -> > 0.75
  • Soul Bow.
    • Increased ammunition stack from 40 -> > 50
  • Harvester.
    • Increased cost 25 -> > 40
    • increased cooldown 1s -> > fours
    • Max damage also efficiently increased by 60% due to harm being DAMAGE PER SOUL
    • Removed variable soul cost
  • Corrupted Beacon.
    • Increased Cost 1 -> > 2
    • Added cooldown 2.5 s
    • Increased beam radius 150 -> > 200 unbelievable systems
    • Increased damage by 100%
    • Fixed bug triggering the armor property bonus damage to be usedtwice (E.g. reduced damage bonus from Soul Bathrobe compared to before)
    • Fixed bug in soul cost which was making it not drain pipes properly
  • Lightning Arrester.
    • Increased cost 10 -> > 15
    • Added cooldown twos
    • Increased radius 300 -> > 350
    • Increased damage 30 damage per soul -> > 60 damage per soul
    • Max damage also efficiently increased by 50% due to harm being DAMAGE PER SOUL
    • Removed variable soul cost
  • Soul Therapist.
    • Increased cost 20 -> > 50
    • Increased cooldown ones -> > fives
    • Increased recovery allies stimulate start speed 100% and velocity 150%
    • Recovery per soul 10 -> > 4
    • Removed variable soul cost
  • Torment Quiver.
    • Increased cooldown ones -> > sixes
    • Increased soul cost 10 -> > 30
  • General Soul Event Changes.
    • Your non-soul item kills still give souls
    • All your family pet kills give souls
    • All ally player kills where either the player or the kill is within 1200 range, you get souls too
    • Number now revealed in the HUD next to soul bar for changes to souls
    • Soul Event bonus from armors reduced 100% -> > 50%


  • Crashes/ Performance.
    • Fixed numerous crashes that might occur during gameplay and improved stability throughout all platforms
    • When joining an online game


    • Fixed a crash that might occur.
    • Controls are no longer unresponsive while engaging with a merchant or Camp chest and getting detached or kicked from an online session
    • Fixed a crash that happened while host was fighting the Heart of Ender and other players were below the arena, waiting by the jump pads
    • When there’s no correct audio device linked


    • Potential fix for crash that takes place.
      When docking and undocking during a packing screen on Nintendo Switch
    • ,

    • Fixed a crash that happened.
      When pushing Enter on the Add Good friend screen
    • ,

    • Fixed a crash that might occur on PC.
    • Fixed a boundless filling screen that might occur after joining another player’s session after reconnecting to Xbox Live while in a suspended state during single player gameplay
    • Fixed a boundless filling screen that might occur when trying to continue past the title screen after being by force signed out during a packing screen
  • General.
    • Fixed some issues with Windows Store players getting the “Unable to verify game ownership” error (MCD-1230)
    • When a player leaves the game during online multiplayer


    • Added a notice.
    • Fixed the game getting stuck in offline game when eliminating a second player from the main menu
    • Beginning an offline game after the host of an online game by force detaches no longer releases into a mission- camp hybrid (MCD-165)
    • Kicked players can no longer rejoin the session without an invite if they were kicked during the reward screen
    • Players are no longer able to send out invites or join themselves through the Xbox app
  • Gameplay.
      When players at the same time leapt off a cliff


    • Fixed camera issues that might occur.
    • Fixed Evokers spawning a lot of Vex
    • Fixed dying on some ledges in Obsidian Peak without falling off
    • Fixed some areas of Camp that caused players to get out of bounds (MCD-457)
    • Fixed players getting stuck in a pit on Squid Coast
    • Players can no longer fall off the edge at the start of the secret Rune Space
    • Players can no longer roll onto platforms in Cacti Canyon before they’re raised
    • Arrows no longer auto- target dead mobs till their bodies break down
    • If assaulted from a far distance


    • Fixed Redstone Golems not assaulting players.
    • Fixed an item duplication problem
    • Fixed the Cores not stimulating during the Redstone Monstrosity fight during online multiplayer
    • Shooting a Key Golem with Trickbow or Heavy Crossbow no longer causes arrows to loop back and forth around them
  • Audio.
    • Fixed Witch potion bottle breaking sounds
    • Fixed Redstone Monstrosity and Arch-Illager sound impacts not impacted by master volume setting
    • When coming across large groups of mobs


    • Fixed sound impacts for some artifacts not playing.
  • Interface.
    • The “Start Game” button on the main menu now defaults to the last picked mode
    • Fixed missing out on characters in Korean localization the magic and brightness screens (MCD-1394)
    • ‘Lobby Chest’ is now just called ‘Chest’
    • Burning magic now has the correct description, specifying that it “damages nearby enemies”
    • Artifacts can no longer hover over weapon and armor slots on the Inventory screen
    • Flaming Quiver/Torment Quiver/Fireworks no longer overlap with arrows on the HUD
    • Fixed overlapping buttons on the main menu in non-widescreen resolutions
    • Fixed corrupted Fireworks Arrow animation
    • Power and level of consumable items no longer on the HUD in online multiplayer
    • Fixed mob health bars get broader as the game progresses
    • The good friend list now updates effectively after kicking a player
    • When clicking buttons or hovering the “Join” button


    • Fixed the good friend list immediately scrolling.
    • The host of an online multiplayer game now constantly appears at the top of the player list

Source: help.minecraft.net

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