Is level scaling supported in Outriders?

Outriders, People Can Fly’s upcoming action-adventure RPG, looks more enthusiastic whenever we see it. The Square Enix-published title is still some way off from launch, however the constant drip of information being released is increasing the buzz amongst its growing fanbase.

With core RPG components in its DNA, and expedition motivated to immerse yourself in its world, some may be questioning if level scaling will be featured in Outriders. It would not be much enjoyable to take on a mission that’s way above your current rank and ends up with you being eliminated quickly.

Other RPG titles have actually executed a level scaling system, however not every game does so. If Outriders desires its players to feel like they can take on any quest regardless of their rank, it would be in their best interest to integrate a level scaling system into its gameplay.

Fortunately, People Can Fly have actually done just that. In the second Outriders Broadcast, which aired on Thursday, July 2, the development team confirmed that level scaling would feature plainly. com/watch? v= 7FgyXYCFRAY

At the 4: 20 mark in the video above, it’s revealed that side quests will scale to yourlevel Side missions, as expected, will be optional quests you can accept take up if you want a break from the main storymissions These are called Spokes in Outriders’ world, and allow you to check out new areas, satisfy new allies, take down enemy factions and monsters, and earn rewards for completing them.

Performing side quests broaden on the world of Enoch, and declining to play them can lead you to miss out on out on finding out about its secrets along with its best loot. Your rewards will scale to your level too. If you complete a side quest at level 10, you’ll earn a level 10 weapon.

As People Can Fly described during the broadcast, it may be worth holding off on some side missions up until later on if you want to improve loot. Earlier side quests can be more significant– in terms of gear– later in the game when you’re at a higher level, so it’s up to you if you want to beat them when you discover them or save them for another time.

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