Is PC and Xbox One crossplay supported in Grounded?

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Obsidian Home entertainment’s action-adventure co-op title Grounded miniaturises onto PC and Xbox One on July 28, even if its organized launch will be as an early access game.

Regardless Of not being a full release just yet, those interested by this “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” influenced title will want to know if cross-platform play will bepossible This feature may not be supported if Grounded is just available in early access so, if you ‘d like to game with your friends on various platforms, you’ll want to know pre-release

The Good News Is, we’re here to provide you with a conclusive response to this inquiry– and we enjoy to report that Grounded will support crossplay when it arrives later on this summer season.

During a PAX East live panel back in February, Obsidian Home entertainment were asked if cross-platform play would be made it possible for although their game would just be in earlyaccess In reaction, Obsidian revealed that crossplay would be supported “from day one”, which implies you can game easily with people on other platforms from July 28.

It makes good sense that crossplay performance would beavailable Grounded is an Xbox Game Studios released title, and it’ll be available to attempt on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, albeit via the Xbox Game Previewprogram As Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is available on PC in addition to Xbox One, it would have been confusing for Microsoft to make crossplay not available for Grounded even at this early phase.

As Grounded is an early access title, there might be issues with crossplay as Obsidian tests out its server capability. Do not stress if this occurs. Teething problems will occur as they iron out Grounded’s bugs, so bear this in mind if your crossplay game with your friends does go down at any point.

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