Apex Legends Player Accidentally Spends $1000 On PS Plus Memberships, Lasting Until 2031


An Apex Legends player has actually accidentally invested more than $1000 on PS Plus memberships, providing access to the service for more than eleven years, with it ending in 2031.

Zeus on Twitter, who is also a well-known YouTuber and streamer, tweeted out the confirmation that they did, in fact, spend $101694 on PS Plus memberships, initially believing their PSN account had actually been accessed by somebody else.

After sending out out a rightfully angry tweet about the amount of money invested, Zeus followed it up hours later on with a regrettable realisation mentioning

“I am officially the worlds dumbest or unluckiest person. I was playing PC all today and in the background my controller was still connected to my PS4 and spam buying psn membership. I wasn’t hacked and I have psn membership to 2031”

I am officially the worlds dumbest or unluckiest individual. I was playing PC all today and in the background my controller was still linked to my PS4 and spam purchasing psnmembership I wasn’t hacked and I have psn membership to 2031 pic.twitter.com/LKDVfeIKwU

— Zeus (@ZeusOfAimAssist) July 1, 2020

This is an unimaginable scenario and rather surreal and we can’t envision what Zeus was believing when he understood that he had purchased eleven years worth of PlayStation Plus memberships.

Sadly, even if Zeus wanted to get some of that money back, there is most likely absolutely nothing that can be done about this considered that Sony does not provide refunds on membership services that are currently being used.

As Zeus was purchasing eleven years worth of PlayStation Plus memberships, Sony announced July’s PS Plus games which uses 3 big titles for all kinds of players.

On top of that, a free trial weekend for the service will be available this weekend and you can download an EXTREMELY yellow PS Plus style which commemorates the 10 th anniversary of PSPlus We also took the time to highlight the best games on the service over the past 10 years.

If you want to throw your assistance behind Zeus and wish them all the good vibes you can in this regrettable time, you can find their Twitter here and Youtube channel here.

Source– [@ZeusOfAimAssist]

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