How to get and equip accessories in BitLife

Accessories are a new item you can acquire inBitLife They provide no extra gameplay advantage to your character, however they make them stand out with a unique item on their icon instead of the standard options. They’re expected to be joyful and enjoyable items, which is the whole appeal. When players first load in BitLife, they should instantly receive 2 for free, however after that, you need to finish any of the available live challenges taking place the game.

The accessories options differ from sunglasses, hats, or styles that associate with an offered challenge orupdate You will have the option to pick from your available accessories in the activities area. It will be the first option at the top. Far, you just have headwear and sunglasses to choose from, however it will likely broaden in the future. Since these focus generally on being on your character’s face, we’re thinking the accessories will also consist of piercings, tattoos, lockets, and other clothes you can place on their head.

BitLife accessories will first be available on iOS, however Android users should expect to see them showing up in thefuture Offered the accessories released late June, they should end up being available approximately around mid to late August, provided developers Candywriters’ release time.

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