Shadow Warrior 3 announced with teaser trailer

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Devolver Digital has stealthily released a teaser trailer for a 3rd entry into Shadow Warrior’s restarted franchise, Shadow Warrior3 Along with its trailer, the publisher went to Twitter to state the most recent game as a 2021 release, with Flying Wild Hog as its developer. com/watch? v= ME43 wnIEyKA

As Devolver is most likely one of the most comical and zany publishers, it is no shock that the trailer for Shadow Warrior 3 is just that andmore After continuously breaking the 4th wall for 2 minutes, franchise protagonist Lo Wang leaves fans with a charming hand gesture, while mentioning, “I’ll see you at the gameplay reveal, chumps!” The trailer is probably referencing a look at Devolver Digital’s upcoming online display, Devolver Direct.

Devolver Direct will be a pre-recorded event that will take place on July 11 at twelve noon PT, and 3pm ET on Twitch. There are no platforms announced yet for Shadow Warriors 3, with a 2021 release, expect the title to be the first next- generation Shadow Warriors entry.

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