First Cow: this headshot landed the cow the title role in the A24 film

The new film First Cow is a superbexperience Director Kelly Reichardt techniques the story of 2 men attempting to make it through in 1820 s Oregon with severe inflammation– and, on top of that, has the most stunning cow as the animal who brings them together.

In the film, the cow is the really first cow in the area, and the sole source of milk for Cookie (John Magaro) and King-Lu’s (Orion Lee) cake-baking business. Every night, they slip onto the premises of her owner, Chief Element (Toby Jones), and milk her to prepare for the next day’s cakes.

To cast the role of the cow, Reichardt browsed lots of cowphotos “It was head shots of cows, and body shots, and then narrowing down the type of cow,”she said in an interview “I wanted [the cow] to be somebody that you can be friends with, and wasn’t intimidating […] and after that I saw Evie, and after that I got videos of Evie. She was simple to settle on, due to the fact that she was so stunning.”

What does a cow’s headshot look like? Fortunately, Polygon has the response. Take a special look at Evie’s headshot below:

a close-up of a lovely brown Jersey cow

Picture: Allyson Riggs/A24

Evie, a stunning Jersey cow, definitely stands out: She has caramel-brown fur that looks so soft you can nearly feel it through the screen, and big eyes framed by long lashes. She’s made such an impression that she now hasher own Cameo profile In the year considering that the film’s world best at Telluride, she’s also had a baby, Cookie, called after one of the movie’s main characters.

Take a look at Evie and Cookie below:

First Cow will be available on VOD on July 10.

First Cow

Kelly Reichardt’s First Cow lastly arrives on VOD. The film stars John Magaro and Orion Lee as 2 men struggling to make their way through the American West, and Evie as the cow who supplies them with the milk to begin a small baking business.

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