Tropico 6 Update v10 Full Notes on July 7th

Kalypso Media and the responsible developers of Limbic Home entertainment today released a new Tropico 6update Below we have the complete patch notes for you.

Tropico 6 Update 1.10 can now be downloaded for all impacted platforms.

With today’s update, there are not just bug fixes and optimizations, it will also add new content.

Tropico 6 Patch Notes 1.10– July 7th


  • Transfer structures
  • Added ability to move huge bulk of structures
  • Substantially reduced damage animation time for all structures
  • Added ability to move a building to a location currently obstructed or hampered by stated building’s
    current position, e.g. moving a building by one tile
  • Construction/Building stopping briefly
  • It is now possible to pause lots of structures
  • Stopped briefly structures do not sustain any expenses and all workers will be fired
  • Teamsters will not provide or pickup products from stopped briefly structures
  • Performance optimizations
  • Improved performance for large populations and maps
  • Tweaked building information UI to reduce and avoid scrollbars, if possible.

Community feedback

  • Improved Guerrilla behaviour
  • Guerrillas now spawn much even more from the building they are wanting to engage, offering militaries a much better chance at effectively obstructing
  • Guerrillas need much more time, as they now are planting a bomb, instead of setting a building on fire, offering militaries a much better chance to obstruct.
  • Guerrillas have actually had their strength increased.
  • Guerillas now also engage watch towers effectively (formerly enjoy towers were disregarded by guerillas)
  • DLC content now available in all mission maps
  • It is now possible to make it possible for the content from all DLCs throughout all missions
    Important: the above feature is speculative and might lead to differing gameplay experiences amongst players
  • Different options now available for text and voice-over languages
  • Text and voice-over languages are no longer locked together, significance players can have various options active for each (e.g. CN text and EN voice-over)
  • Pirate options
  • Added the option to modify Pirate difficulty during colonial times

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issues with irregular family relationships
  • Fixed minor crashes and visual problems
  • Fixed a lot of translation and text issues
  • Fixed camera bug disappointing El Presidente, when going into modification mode.

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Tropico 6 Update v10 Patch Notes

Kalypso Media and the responsible developers of Limbic Home entertainment today released a new Tropico 6 hotfixupdate Below we have the complete patch...
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