Neon Abyss – Launch Edition Is Now Available For Xbox One

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Neon Abyss is a frenzied, roguelike action- platformer where you run ‘n’ gun your way into the Abyss as part of the Hades formed‘Grim Squad’ Including limitless item synergies and a unique dungeon development system, each run diversifies the experience and every option modifies the ruleset. Prepare to release hell!

About thegame
Integrating furious run ‘n’ gun action and deep, roguelike mechanics, Neon Abyss pits you as a member of the ‘Grim Squad’– a job force set-up by Hades himself to penetrate the Abyss and beat the New Gods. Death is not completion as whenever you die, you’ll find yourself more empowered thanbefore

Progressing Dungeon.
With each run, you will have the ability to unlock new spaces, items, bosses, special rules and even new endings! This indicates each dungeon is unique and expandable, being customized to your own particular playstyle.

Endless Item Synergies.
As you progress through each dungeon, random item drops will be key in assisting you penetrate the Abyss and these passive impacts can stack in between everyitem Without any limitation to how lots of can use; a wide array of mixes will make each rununique

Hatch and Evolve Family Pets.
If you need some company on your journey into the depths of the abyss, or just some extra firepower or support, eggs can be found which will develop into a random family pet that has a special ability and will evolve the longer you endure.

Take a time-out from slaying minions and participate in random mini-games that will also bag you some loot! Delve Into Piano Performances, Meditation Challenge, Dance Competitions, and more– surviving just got a lot more fascinating!

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