Ghost of Tsushima – Overview for Trophies, Collectibles, Armor, Weapons, Resources

Hi folks, in this overview you’ll find whatever you need to know about trophies, collectibles, armor, resources and weapons in Ghost ofTsushima We are attempting to give you the most precise info as there are a lot of things you can find in Ghost of Tsushima and most of them are optional however if you are a trophy hunter, you need them all to open the platinum trophy.

Please keep in mind, the game release is July 17 th and we are still working on this guide.

Overview of the Content in Ghost of Tsushima2>>.

All Collectibles

There are 433 collectibles locations in Ghost of Tsushima, we are going to show you all of them in our collectibles guide. You can find all collectibles during or after the story mode in all choosed discussions.

Inhabited Locations (Mongol Territories/ Fortress/ Farms)

In Ghost of Tsushima you can free 56 Mongol Territories. This Guide will show you all locations.

  • All Mongol Territories (Free all inhabited locations)

Weapons, Armor and Charms

In Ghost of Tsushima you can find various weapons, armor and beauties. You have the ability to equip your character with armor like helmets and masks with various impacts, some are combat, expedition or stealth oriented and most of them are upgradeable. As already pointed out for all collectibles, you can find all armor during or after the story mode in all choosed discussions. You will start with the melee weapon Sakai Katana however there are 12 various weapons to get, some for completing an act or other can be purchased. Ghost of Tsushima offers numerous types of beauties and each of them give you a variousbonus You get them primarily from Side Tales or some from Main Collectibles and tales. This guide will show you all locations of them.

  • All Weapon Locations
  • All Armor Locations
  • All Appeal Locations

Resources and Materials

The resources and materials in Ghost of Tsushima are used like a currency to buy items or update your weapons and armor. This is your real money in thegame You get those for defeating enemies or those can be find in all enemy camps. You get a lot while you do the main or side quests, some of them rarer than others. The rarest material is wax wood, this is required to craft high- level Bow upgrades. Here we will you all resources and materials locations.

  • Linen
  • Leather
  • Materials
  • Silk
  • Iron
  • Gold
  • Steel
  • Wax Wood

All Trophies in Ghost of Tsushima

In Ghost of Tsushima you can open a total of 52 trophies. This Trophy guide will provide you all trophies and their tasks.

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