Bloober Team Drops New Dual-Reality Trailer for The Medium

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Bloober Team released a new trailer for The Medium, which highlights one of the horror game’s more intriguing aspects: Protagonist Marianne is gifted (or cursed) with the ability to take advantage of an alternateworld It’s certainly an useful skill for examining murders, however the trailer shows that it also most likely results in having a complete nightmare of a presence.

Players can switch in between the normal airplane of presence and the spirit world at will by using the analog stick, which is used to solve puzzles and browse courses. According to Bloober Team, both layers are rendered all at once, and switching in between them is smooth. The regular world looks weird enough, with a range of horror- all set backgrounds such as abandoned hotels and funeral homes. The spirit world is even worse, with wall- sized flaps of skin, monstrous animals, and more.

The Medium is concerning Xbox Series X and PC this holiday season.

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