eFootball.Open World Finals Full Details Announced

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Konami Digital has announced full details for the upcoming eFootball.Open World Finals, which will be broadcast Sunday second August from 10: 00 UTC.

Event: eFootball.Open World Finals

Date: Sunday second August 2020

Time: 10: 00– 15: 00 UTC

https://www.youtube com/watch? v= Slfg10 dNuKY

eFootball.Open is an esports tournament available to all players throughout the world, contending specifically in online 1v1 matches on eFootball PES2020 Now, ahead of the World Finals, 27 players remain from each region– Europe, Asia and Americas.

While the World Finals were initially prepared to be held as an offline event to crown a single World Champ, the global pandemic required the format tochange Now, finalists will compete online against others on servers hosted on their particular platforms (PS4, Xbox One and PC), with prize money available for all depending on their performance, up to $15,00 0 (USD).

Prize information, per individual, is as follows:

Position PS4 Xbox One Steam (PC)
1 US$15,00 0 US$15,00 0 US$15,00 0
2 US$10,00 0 US$10,00 0 US$10,00 0
3-4 US$ 7,500 US$ 7,500 US$ 7,500
5-9 US$ 2,00 0 US$ 2,00 0 US$ 2,00 0

During the open registration period in between December 2019 and February 2020, players chosen from one of 10 clubs, matching the competitors of eFootball.Pro, which they have actually contended with throughout the period of the tournament up until now. To create football’s most available esports competition, eFootball.Open divided players into “Basic”, “Intermediate” and “Expert” levels, with matches taking place every 2 weeks via the in-game Matchday mode. Players were divided into these classifications depending on their score in the Online Divisions.

Just players at the highest “Expert” level had the chance to progress to the Regional Finals, and after that on to the WorldFinals These are players who, based on their performance, can earn prize money and attention of the world’s top football clubs as they hunt for their future eFootball stars.

All participants in the eFootball.Open World Finals are noted below:

Username Region Team Platform
Gagliardo28 Europe FC Bayern PS4
JoanStrife89 Europe FC Bayern XB1
Erkobra18 Europe FC Bayern PC
Ronaldo7 Europe Arsenal FC PC
Mucahit21 Europe AS Monaco XB1
twitch_peazyyy Europe AS Monaco PC
umbee96 _ Europe Celtic FC PS4
sossoblack Europe Nantes PS4
PaUUU24 Europe Nantes XB1
madakanachappy Asia FC Barcelona PS4
RogueCascade243 Asia FC Bayern XB1
Jafarachmad Asia FC Bayern PC
Yazid Dragon 88 Asia Juventus XB1
Mishtay7118 Asia Arsenal FC XB1
akbarpaudie Asia AS Monaco PS4
DEKAN Asia AS Monaco PC
TRAT_Elga Asia Boavista PS4
MayconDouglas99 Americas Arsenal FC PS4
MelianTheKing Americas Arsenal FC XB1
sebacab96 Americas Nantes PC
ThiagoAvare10 Americas FC Bayern PC
ThePhenom3392 Americas AS Monaco XB1
NEGO_JR07 Americas AS Monaco PS4
dannyelements Americas Manchester United PS4
KoppersPumas Americas FC Bayern XB1
Manquito Americas FC Schalke 04 PC

In-depth information for eFootball.Open can be found at the official website–https://efootballpro.konami.net/open/overview/efootball-open/

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