Speed Cubers review: A Netflix hidden gem about Rubik’s Cube masters

There’s such a continuous increase of new material on Netflix– from older movies to new original series– that it’s appealing to either scroll through options for hours, or just go directly to the most significant, most vibrant title on the screen. There’s a wealth of great content hiding just under the surface area, consisting of 3 new documentary shorts gotten by Netflix that are being silently released over the summertime: The Claudia Kishi Club, The Speed Cubers, and John Was Attempting to Contact Aliens. They’re all under an hour– Claudia Kishi and John are 16 minutes long, while The Speed Cubers runs 40 minutes– and they’re each exceptional in their own.

The Speed Cubers, which premiered on Netflix on July 29, focuses on 2 young men in the world of competitive speedcubing. The sport itself is interesting– you have actually never ever seen somebody truly solve a Rubik’s Cube unless you have actually seen them do it so rapidly that their hands just end up being blurs. That’s just the pointer of the filmic iceberg. Director Sue Kim discovers the real story in the relationship in between Feliks Zemdegs, former king of the cubers, and Max Park, his usurper and not likely good friend.

For Max, who has autism, speedcubing is more than just agame His parents initially presented him to cubing as a way to help sharpen his great motor skills, and as he started to enter competitions, it ended up being a way of establishing his social skills, too. Feliks is plainly an idol for Max– Max’s father remembers that Feliks was the first individual Max ever asked for a sign– and as they keep conference on the cubing circuit, they end up beingfriends The more they get to know each other, the more nuanced their bond ends up being. Their competition in some way constantly remains encouraging instead of overly competitive, even as they wind up facing off at the cubing World Championshipagain


feliks zemdegs and max park sit together

Zemdegs and Park at a table.


In spite of the sting of having Max blow past nearly every cubing record he’s set, Feliks continues to be encouraging, texting Max after every win to wish him congratulations, and caring for him in individual. It’s Feliks who makes sure Max is consuming his greens when they’re all at supper together. While Kim has a restricted amount of time to tell the story, she handles to paint an informing picture of these young men by highlighting such inadvertently susceptible minutes. It makes their battles with envy and dissatisfaction all the more engaging, as those natural sensations butt up against the relationship they have actually built.

The Claudia Kishi Club and John Was Attempting to Contact Aliens center on significantly various topics, however like The Speed Cubers, be successful in informing engaging, meaningful stories by discovering a particular focus. The Claudia Kishi Club, directed by Sue Ding, commemorates the Sitters’ Club character Claudia Kishi for being the uncommon Asian character who’s in fact fleshed out and not playing into stereotypes. Denting checks out the character’s effect by speaking with Asian-American creatives (members of “the Claudia Kishi Club”), such as Sarah Kuhn and Yumi Sakugawa, on the effect she Claudia on them. John Was Attempting to Contact Aliens, directed by Matthew Killip, is broadly about fixation and solitude, however discovers its peg in the type of John Shepherd, a Michigan local who invested 30 years attempting to call aliens by broadcasting music intospace After years of looking up into space, he lastly discovers a sense of connection down on Earth.

The documentary shorts are simple to miss out on, particularly when Netflix’s original shows consists of hit movies and series like The Old Guard and Cursed, however they’re some of the best new additions to Netflix’s prodigious library. Documentaries aren’t typically on Netflix’s front page unless there’s something especially memorable about them– if they attend to important parts of history, like 13 th; focus on a significant star, like Miss Americana; or highlight an amazing series of events, like Tiger King. Putting the spotlight on smaller sized pieces of life can make apparently irrelevant or specific niche stories feel greatly impacting, and these 3 documentary shorts are well worth looking for out for the way they do just that.

The Speed Cubers and The Claudia Kishi Club are streaming on Netflix now. John Was Attempting to Contact Aliens will be on Netflix Aug. 20.

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