How does local co-op and online multiplayer work in Hellpoint?

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The enemies in Hellpoint are ruthless, and they show you no grace as you wander trying to make any kind ofprogress It does not injured to have a pal support you up to provide you with help. You can team up with a pal online, however you can plug in a second controller to have a sofa co-op experience to play with a pal right next to you in the exact same space.

How to get local co-op working

The local co-op experience in Hellpoint offers you the chance to plug in a second controller to your console to play with a pal. With 2 controllers in your console of option, the game should allow you and a pal to play concurrently. Local co-op is a splitscreen experience, so make sure you choose for that, and change the interface to ensure the 2 of you can see whatever in front of you.

How online multiplayer works

At the time of this writing, the developers behind Hellpoint are trying to make it possible for the game’s onlinemultiplayer There was trouble with it operating before the game’s launch, so they took it out before it went live.

When it does work, what you need to do is approach a breach and choose the option to join another player’s breach. You should see this option available to you on the breach menu. While the option is turned off, it will be greyedout It should return after the developers consider it’s steady for all players to experience.

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