How to kill Sanitar in Escape From Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov’s 12.7 patch has actually gone live and has added a lot of new features and updates. Along with the numerous updates and bugfixes, Battlestate Games has also added a new boss for Coastline and a new stash in the Labs. The Scav boss Sanitar and his minions are strolling the map and they are making it more hard for players to loot the resort. Thankfully engaging this boss is worth the risk just to get access to his stash on Labs. Here is our guide on how to kill Sanitar and his cronies.


First, we are going to dive into Sanitar’s equipment so we know what toexpect Like all bosses in Tarkov, Sanitar tends to have much better weapons than what you would find on a standard Scav or Scav Raider. He can bring an OP-SKS, VSS, or a Kedr-B as his main weapon. He also tends to bring an APS sidearm. Sanitar also brings various medical products and stims consisting of a M.U.L.E stim, Morphine Injector, Grizzly first aid package, and a CMS package. If they take adequate damage, this boss is based on a paramedic and he will heal himself and his followers.

Sanitar has 2 well-armed guards asfollowers Like all boss followers, their gear will vary on each encounter, however they generally have class 5 armor and helmets with faceshields These minions tend to bring on of the AK series rifles, a Saiga 12 gauge, or a Hunter carbine. They also bring a selection of grenades and love to use them so do not let yourself get captured in a confinedspace Like their boss, the minions bring a range of medical items and will break off to use them.

Some unique items to note: Sanitar brings a blue key card and a new key that will get you access to his stash on Labs. It is also possible for his followers to spawn with the new Pestily afflict mask.


The boss and his minions mainly stick to the resort and will stroll near the (previously) safe entryways. They can also spawn at the port and near the rental properties. If you spawn on the west end of the map near the town or tunnel the best way to find Sanitar is to search the rental properties first before heading into the resort. If he is at the rental properties you are more most likely to catch him in the open where you can use long-range weapons to offer with him. He tends to spawn in the yard of the locked rental property with the ambulance and will use the bushes as concealment. If he isn’t at the rental properties you can move on to inspecting the resort,

Start at the entryways of the resort and work your way in from the border. Sanitar tends to stroll the halls on the groundfloor When getting in or you will get assailed, see your corners and be additional mindful. He does not spawn at the port frequently adequate to search it unless you spawn close-by or have already cleared the rest of the map.


The most hard element of this fight is Sanitar and his minions recovery themselves. While this boss does have higher health than Scav Raiders, he is not rather as hard as Killa and Glukhar. To make up for this, Sanitar and his followers will break off from combat and heal themselves when they have actually gotten enough damage. Strike hard and fast and it is possible to take him down with the openingattack , if you do not kill him fast the fight can turn into one of the longest in the game..

The best way to deal with the boss is to make use of grenades and headshots. Choose a weapon you are positive with and can use to make fast succeeding headshots. , if you choose a comfy weapon and equip plenty of frag grenades this battle will be a breeze..

When you first engage the boss, he will attempt to rush you. Let him press you back outside where he can be a bit more workable. As Soon As Sanitar and his followers are outside they will default to the common boss method where they work as a team to attempt and flank you. Luckily there is not as much cover around for them to use when they need to break off andheal Put a little distance in between yourself and the boss, then start hammering away at their heads. When you reach the point where they attempt to break-off and heal themselves, they will be much more exposed. This provides you a chance to pick off the boss or one of his followers as they attempt to find cover.

As they stroll the ground floor of the resort, it is simple to catch them in confined areas that are prime targets for grenades. If you are able to sneak up on them just wait for them to enter a space or more closed off corridor, toss a grenade, then head towards an exit. They will either attempt to rush you or stop to heal leaving them really quickly susceptible for a follow-upattack If you choose to force them to fight inside your home be sure to press the benefit the confined space provides you. When their health is low, Sanitar and his guards will attempt to duck out of the fight and find a place to healup Or outside through a window when they are inside the resort this is most likely in an open space. Either way, a headshot or another grenade will make brief work of them.

Due To The Fact That Sanitar strolls the resort, there are frequently standard Scavs around that can cause aproblem They are not near as unsafe as the boss and his guards, however they can still posture a problem if you let them slip up on you while fighting theboss Stay on the lookout for any Scavs in the area and take them down before they end up being an interruption. , if you do not kill any roaming Scavs they will notify other enemies in the area and will attempt to rush you.. Sanitar will use this diversion to his benefit and ambush you.

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