Marvel’s Avengers: Hawkeye might be Deaf in a nod to comics

Hawkeye’s hearing has actually long been a subject of discussion in between Marvel readers. The heroic archer– played by hearing star Jeremy Renner in the MCU– has a history of being Deaf and hard of hearing, along with using listening devices, yet that’s never ever been represented on screen.

With a push for more representation in the world of superheroes, numerous fans have actually questioned why Marvel Studios hasn’t brought that version of Clint to life. in the new Marvel’s Avengers game, Clint Barton appears to wear hearing help as he shoots all kinds of arrows at bad guys. If this holds true, it would be the first time we have this timeless version of Hawkeye in animated action.

In the official announcement on the PlayStation Blog Site, the developers revealed they were drawing from the comics, particularly one particular fan favorite run that in fact highlighted Clint’s deafness. “Our team revisited their favorite comic arc at the beginning of any hero concept process, including Writer Matt Fraction and Artist David Aja’s My Life as A Weapon,” Crystal Characteristics community manager Meagan Marie stated. In the comic, Clint uses an aid to combat hearing loss.

Portion and Aja’s precious series is not in fact the origin of Hawkeye as a Deaf superhero. In 1983’s Hawkeye # 4 by Mark Gruenwald, the hero burst his own eardrum with a supersonic arrow in order to beat the atrocious Crossfire. in timeless comic book design, Clint’s hearing was revealed to have actually been “cured” by Franklin Richards in Avengers Yearly 2001. With the start of their Hawkeye book in 2012, Portion and Aja as soon as again made the character deaf.

Hawkeye signs with his brother, Barney, in american sign language in Hawkeye #19, Marvel Comics (2014).

Image: Matt Portion, David Aja/Marvel Comics.

Just like the original incident of Clint ending up being hard of hearing, portion and aja’s run focused his hearing loss around a battle with a rogue. Here, rather than to safeguard himself, Clint was attacked by the Clown, who stabbed him in the ears and burst his eardrums. After the battle, fellow Avenger Tony Stark crafted Clint some special listening devices. Surprisingly, the series later on retconned Hawkeye’s backstory to make his hearing loss a concrete part of hishistory The character had actually experienced hearing problems because he was a kid, coming from injuries caused by his violentfather


The option to consist of Hawkeye’s deafness in Marvel’s Avengers feels like a step forward from what the MCU might achieve. Aside from the fact that the comics’s innovative team created a ingenious and thoughtful arc about a typically neglected character, it was also one of the couple of comics that’s ever been really interested in checking out Hawkeye’s relationship with his hearing. In Hawkeye #19, the book efforts to represent his deafness with an issue that features sparse composed words however plenty of Sign Language. Regardless of the visual nature of comics, this had not been done in a Big 2 bookbefore It felt inclusive and extreme in a way that a lot of impairment representation in the medium had not.

If the Marvel’s Avengers innovative team is drawing from that specific comic run, ideally they’ll be intending to press the concept of how deafness is represented in gaming, too. Presenting some kind of finalizing system, or at least thinking of how Clint connects and interacts with the team, might challenge the conventions of gameplay. It’s a great step forward, and ideally as more comes out about the game, we’ll discover the listening devices aren’t just a visual option; there’s also a large sector of the Deaf community which has no interest in hearing aids or cochlear implants, so despite the fact that this is representation, it’s not a catch- all for the Deaf experience, and it would be great to see that touched on in Hawkeye’sstory


Reached for comment, Square Enix did not confirm whether a Deaf version of Hawkeye appears in this game, however did tell Polygon there was more to reveal about the character: “While this is our unique take on Clint Barton’s Hawkeye, his character and story-arc is absolutely inspired by some of the best-known Hawkeye moments in the comics. We look forward to providing more information on our version of Clint Barton’s Hawkeye soon.”

With numerous fans hoping Marvel will modify Renner with a Deaf star for the upcoming Hawkeye series, this small move towards addition might use them a little hope.

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