How to beat Rayquaza in Pokémon Go – Weaknesses, counters, tactics

Rayquaza is an extremely powerful Pokémon that you can hardly ever experience in PokémonGo When you do, it’s generally due to the fact that you can battle it in 5-star raids, however you may have the extremely uncommon chance to catch it for a Pokémon Go promo rewards event, such as when you have the chance to catch legendaries like Mewtwo or Groudon. When you square off against Rayquaza in a 5-star raid, make sure to bring your best Pokémon, and a couple of other trainers to back you up.

Rayquaza weaknesses

Rayquaza is a Dragon and Flying- typePokémon It’s weak to Dragon, Fairy, Rock- types, and its twice as weak to Ice- type attacks. Of your options, you want to focus on using Ice- type Pokémon and attacks against it to take it down.

Best Pokémon to counter Rayquaza

There are numerous Pokémon to choose from to bring out while fighting Rayquaza, however your best options consist of Galarian Darmanitan, Mamoswin, and Weavile.

Galarian Darmanitan is a newer Pokémon, and it’s the Ice- type version of the regular Darmanitan. It has a max CP of 3,105, an attack of 263, a defense of 114, and a stamina of233 It has exceptionally weak defenses, suggesting you want to mainly focus on this Pokémon to be your attack, and you perhaps just want to use one or 2 of them in your roster to fightRayquaza The best moves on it consist of ice fang and avalanche.

The next option is Mamoswine, an Ice and Ground- typePokémon Before Galarian Darmantain, it was an Ice- type powerhouse and was the greatest Ice- type assailant Pokémon, which suggests it still loads a punch against anything weak to it. It has a max CP of 3,328, an attack of 247, a defense of 146, and a stamina of242 You want yours to know powder snow and avalanche.

The final best option consists of Weavile, a Dark and Ice- typePokémon It has a max CP of 3,005, an attack of 243, a defense of 171, and a stamina of172 It has numerous more weaknesses than the others on this list, however Weavile has plenty of attack power behind it to give Rayquaza plenty oftrouble The best moves to use on it consist of ice fragment and avalanche.

All of the Pokémon have low defensive statistics, which suggests you want to have a handful of other, more robust Pokémon backing them. You do not just have to use these Pokémon, either. Other options consist of Glaceon, Articuno, Mewtwo, Dialga, Cloyster, Regice, Kyurem, Garchomp, Lapras, and Rhyperior.

After defeating Rayquaza you and your friends have a restricted number of possibilities to attempt and capture it usng Premier balls. You can receive more Premier balls by contributing more to the battle, having the Rayquaza raid on a gym owned by your team, and by fighting with trainers on your good friend list.

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