All races in Phantasy Star Online 2 – Bonuses, cosmetics, specialties

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When beginning any MMORPG, the first thing you need to do is make your character, which can be an exceptionally complicated thing. This is no various in Phantasy Star Online 2.

One of your decisions when beginning out in the game is to choose which race your character will be. There are just 4 options to choose from, unlike the selection of a game like World of Warcraft. It can be difficult attempting to choose which of the 4 you want to play. Each race can work with any class however particular races work much better due to stat bonuses.

While you can’t go wrong with any of them, each one does provide particular bonuses to various play- designs. Just keep in mind that as soon as you reach completion-game, your gear will be so strong that it actually won’ t matter a lot which race you choose.

Here is our rundown here of what each race is and what it gives the table.

Human Beings

In the majority of games of this kind, Human beings are the well-rounded, jack-of- all-trades kind of race; the characters that do not lean too greatly in any direction and do strong in whatever. Phantasy Star Online 2 does not change that up.

The statistics for Human beings are typical throughout the board, though picking in between Male and Female can be essential. Males have a little more health and melee attack/defense (S-Attack/S-Defense), while Women have higher mastery and tech attack/defense (T-Attack/T-Defense).

There aren’t any special cosmetic modification options during creation either, considering that they are the standardrace If you are looking for a race that is functional in any capability and you do not want to fret about min-maxing, Human is the race for you.


Newmans are the Fairy race of Phantasy Star Online2 They are physically weak and amazingly competent. All Newmans come with higher tech attack statistics than any other race, which comes at the cost of health, melee attack, mastery, and varied attack (R-Attack). The melee attack is the one that takes the greatest hit with Newmans.

In terms of female versus male, males get an enhanced range defense (R-Defense) and women have a higher techdefense Like Human beings, female Newmans also have a higher tech attack than their male equivalents, while the males have more health.

Newmans have more modification options than Human beings, and you can play around with the height and angle of their long, pointed ears. For players wanting to focus on wonderful spells while withstanding varied attacks, Newmans are the go-to option.


Due to their metal bodies, CAST’s are strong andpowerful They come with the most health and mastery out of anyrace Their melee and varied attacks are also higher than the majority of. These enhanced statistics, however, come at the cost of a reduced tech attack and defense.

Male CAST’s come with more health and melee attack/defense and women comes with higher varied attack/defense statistics. Their modification options are great. You can choose from a range of robotic heads, in addition to humanoid heads with markings. You can blend and match their upper bodies, legs, and arms to create your own look. They also come with their own, simply cosmetic motion option where they move around on rocket boots, which is quite remarkable.

For a melee character that can tank large groups, a male CAST is the way to go, whereas for a sniper who can take out enemies from afar with ease, the woman is the best option.


Deumans have some good statistics well-rounded. They have a little more health than Newmans while sharing comparable melee defense, and their varied and tech defense statistics amount to those of Human Beings. They sport the greatest melee attack in the game with a varied attack equivalent to CAST’s. Their tech, however, is a little lower than Newmans.

Their males are the exact same as other classes with higher health and melee attack, while their women come with more mastery and variedattack The Deumans come with 2 modification options: first if their horns. A male has one unicorn-like horn, and women have 2. You can change the height and angle of these horns. The second option is their heterochromatic eyes.

If you are looking for a character that does not appreciate its defense and you want to focus on their attack statistics, the Deuman is theone The males are for maximum melee and women are for maximum varied.

Phantasy Star Online 2 is available now on PC and Xbox One in The United States And Canada, and will be concerning PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan.

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