Does Enigma Week have a timed research task in Pokémon Go?

A Lot Of events in Pokémon Go feature a week-long event where trainers gain access to a timed researchtask The task is just available for the week, and by completing each goal, players receive various items and Pokémon encounters unique to thatevent The first Ultra Unlock week following the Pokémon Go Fest 2020 was Dragon Week, and it had a timed research task where trainers had the ability to receive 2 Deinos encounters if they finished everyone It was expected the second week, Enigma Week, would also receive a timed research task, however it does not seem revealing up for players.

The Dragon Week research task had actually been marketed on the Pokémon Go community blog site Niantic frequently composes on to notify players of what’s up ahead in the upcoming events for thegame The second and 3rd Ultra Unlock weeks, Enigma and Unova, did not have the very same ad. It’s not likely these 2 events will receive any timed research task, and instead will feature a range of wild, raid, and 7-kilometer egg Pokémon trainers will have to receive by using incense, walking, and fighting in Pokémon 5-star raids. The only research tasks players can receive are the one available for spinning image discs at PokéStops and Gyms.

It’s frustrating Dragon Week was the only one to receive the researchtask These tasks featured 5 appealing activities might work on throughout the week, and it often made it easier to experience hard to find Pokémon unique to theevents It’s specifically frustrating provided how challenging and unusual Deino had actually been to acquire from a 7-kilometer egg, frustrating numerous trainers worldwide.

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