How to strike your opponent in UFC 4

If you’re a newbie to the UFC franchise, the first thing you should know how to do is strike youropponent Fighters in the UFC can use their legs or hands to hit their opponent, and it’s very crucial to know how to hit strikes before entering the Octagon, Otherwise, you’ll get captured in some extremely uneasy scenarios.

There are 2 types of strikes in UFC 4: basic and advanced strikes. To land a basic jab on the opponent’s head, hit X/Square, or Y/Triangle, if you’re a southpaw. To land a jab on the body, hit LT/L2 in addition to either X/Square or Y/Triangle. Basic kicks can be provided either with the A/X button or the B/O button.

As far as innovative strikes go, there are several of them. off, let’s go over hooks. Hooks are basically use the exact same controls as jabs, however with one big distinction. In addition to striking either the X/Square or Y/Triangle button, you need to hit the LB/L1 button. Keep in mind, nevertheless, that this how you hit your opponent in the head with a hook. To hit the opponent with a hook to the body, you need to also hit LT/L2. To perform an overhand, hit RB/R1 and either X/Square or Y/Triangle (for left- handed fighters).

Here’s a full breakdown of other ways to strike your opponent:

  • Roundhouse Kick (Head)– LB/L1 + A/X or B/O
  • Roundhouse Kick (Body)– LT/L2 + A/X or B/O
  • Lead Twister Spinning Kick– RB/R1 + X/Square + A/X
  • Back Spinning Heel Kick– LB/L1 + RB/R1 + Y/Triangle
  • Flying Knee (can just be used when opponent’s back is against cage)– LB/L1 + RT/R2 + B/O
  • Spinning Kick (can just be used when opponent’s back is against cage)– LB/L1 + RB/R1 + A/X
  • Showtime Kick (can used when parallel with cage walls)– LB/L1 + RB/R1 + B/O
  • Knees to Leg– A/X or B/O
  • Knees to Body– LT/L2 + A/X or B/O
  • Knees to Head– LB/L1 + A/X or B/O

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